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Submitted by on 03.02.2018
DescriptionYour points of strength will also have a dangerous weakness. Two critical fronts to defend.

The northern flag is a valuable forward spawn point. It sits at the bottom of three hill paths so it will be hard to keep, but it gives a direct route to the enemy base. If you can push up the hill there is a forward infirmary waiting to be captured by you for the healing of your siege units.

In the south sits your forward redstone mine, a critical defensive position. It is uphill from home and connects directly to a small bluff that looks down on your base. To let the enemy through here would mean swift destruction.......
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines4
G. Mines2

Rating: 5 stars (4 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
03.02.2018, 15:41
Not much time these days, ( I have four kids), but I had the mapping itch so I made this on my day off. It's been awhile. I'm glad that newerth is here. It has been a great creative outlet for me, and its cool that others can engage the maps we create.
03.02.2018, 20:20
Hey Salty you old dog! Good to see another map from you again! Your name has always been staple of good looking, balanced and playable maps. I've always admired your style and I think this one fits great in the current meta of small, centered action. Onlined!
03.02.2018, 21:00
Wow that was fast! Thank you Tjens. :)
05.02.2018, 13:10
Good to see you around the traps Salty!
05.02.2018, 14:07
I heard on the server that there was a new salty_dog map so I had to come over and give it 5 stars. Salty_dog maps are the best maps.
05.02.2018, 18:46
Thanks for the support guys I appreciate it.
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays8
Game draws2
Human wins3
Beast wins3
Avg. minutes7

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