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Savage XR Maps
Submitted by -LioN- on 31.10.2013
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines0

Rating: 2.6 stars (5 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
25.10.2013, 06:40
After all those weeks you have been forcing Amy to help you with basic map making stuff because you are too lazy to discover it yourself - you pull out this? Seriously? Anyways.. technicall stuff:
- occluders could be done way better
- same goes for TOD
- did you check worker paths in middle?

Anyways.. after further investigation, I discovered that all you have done at this map was the actual layout, occluders, misplaced trees and badly placed props. Everything else including the overhead, shadowing and presumably more than 60% of all the stuff has been made by Amy by fixing something that should never see the light of the day (thats why I keep it in separate folder under 2 passwords).

Protip: don't force others to fix your insufficient products, learn on your own and dont take credit for other's work.
25.10.2013, 06:58
am I to understand that this map has plagurised some of your own work?
25.10.2013, 10:11
Nope, I just find it somehow wrong to ask people (specifically me and Amy) for help in a way he did. Amy eventually reworked his initial creation for him and that is completely her decision, which I respect. But - I can not resist to state my opinion about the methods that he used, just to create something like this, which basically isn't even fully done by him. Nevertheless, this is just my personal statement and it does not need to be analyzed any further here.
25.10.2013, 11:22
she only helped me with textures and minimap.
I did the rest. plus, some of the guides are hard to understand and so I needed some help, considering this as my first map I'd expect more consideration.
27.10.2013, 17:22
I changed TOD, I didn't realize what's wrong with the occluders... worker pathing is fine in the middle (from what I've checked).
28.10.2013, 23:50
Heya, so I checked the map. It's nice for your first map.

- Put a terrain farclip value, about 3000 should do.

- Reduce the far fog value so that it covers the border where new terrain is rendering in (which is the actual function of the far fog).
- I'd say it needs a lot of polish and work in general. As it is now it's too simple. It lacks the depth and character that comes after many hours of tweaking around with different prop combinations, textures and paint values/hues. It's ultimately up to you if you're happy with a map that's technically playable or if you want to push yourself to create something truly nice.
29.10.2013, 14:23
Hey savage beard!
thanks for your advices :)
I changed the terrain farclip and reduced the far fog.
I realize what you're saying about the depth and character.
I did add now colors using paint I hope it looks better now.
its my first map, I want to keep it simple you know? :P
29.10.2013, 20:53
Online then if you're done with it.
30.10.2013, 13:51
thanks alot! :D
31.10.2013, 16:47
added props and paints...
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