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Savage XR Maps
Submitted by Amy on 06.12.2013
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
Download LinksMap File
Overhead Image (right-click, "Save Target As ...")
Map Statistics
R. Mines6
G. Mines0

Rating: 5 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]
21.09.2013, 04:26

Nice map, I really like the cozy feel you get by walking around in it.

- There's an occluder sticking out by the human stronghold.
21.09.2013, 04:26
And what follows is a comment with general feedback about the map. It's not intended and should not be seen as an instruction on what you must change or fix. It's not intended as an insult to the work you've done. You're free to disagree with anything I say below, as it's just my opinion and I'll be just as happy if you ignore it. This is intended to push you to improve your map and become a better map maker in general. It's intended to give you ideas that you might not have had, to provide a fresh perspective on your map from someone else:
21.09.2013, 04:26
- Consider changing the far/near fog so that the fog is visible. Might give the map a better look overall.
- Consider using a few more textures, maybe something darker to add contrast to the map. This might be a suggestion: [LINK] It sort of looks like a lion (actually more like a tiger). Anyhow, it's just an example of how you could add a little bit of character. Of course you don't have to edit it exactly as I have.
- Consider adding some more interesting terrain features, small ramps, small elevated areas etc.
- Consider lowering the bordering terrain to create a better atmosphere.
- Consider using more paint, especially darker paint in shadow areas. Then you can also delete some paint o create lighter areas. This might allow you to create a nicer atmosphere.
21.09.2013, 04:26
Here's another screenshot that has examples on your map of how you could pull it off: [LINK]

Again, this is intended to give you ideas, it's not an order. Get back to me when you have finished the must fix and have thought about the optional comments and uploaded a new map you're happy with.

26.09.2013, 14:02
Good job, put online.
26.09.2013, 15:28
26.09.2013, 16:34
kewl :)
27.09.2013, 22:29
Offline to fix exploitable hill.
23.10.2013, 06:58
Yay, new overhead... not bad. Try adding more burn and contrast to the "grass layer" :P
23.10.2013, 12:47
My honest advice is to totally avoid using the burn and dodge tool. If you are relying on them to lighten or darken sections of your map then you are not using layers/masks and effects properly.
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays88
Game draws5
Human wins33
Beast wins50
Avg. minutes26

In-Game Reviews
21.12.2014, 18:10
07.11.2014, 01:42
needs an alt entrance to starting bases
23.08.2014, 01:15
nice game gg
02.06.2014, 18:09
12.01.2014, 13:10
Nice game.
19.10.2013, 15:09
Good Map
29.09.2013, 13:46
too short
28.09.2013, 11:18

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