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Submitted by genoism on 20.03.2011
DescriptionA map shaped like a butterfly. Includes a total of 4 stone mines, 1 spawn flag. Monkits, gerkats for cash. Multiple paths and cover for units to take while getting to the enemy base.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines4
G. Mines0

Rating: 4 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]
18.03.2011, 10:30
Just to let the admin tester know, I have checked the map for: Places to get stuckin, working ladders, worker pathing and building placement. Everything seemed to check out fine. Checked for possible exploits as well, ie. cata shooting over mountains, getting around the destructible wall for the flag
20.03.2011, 15:38
You used some straight lines between stone textures in the west base, but I like it. You made it look kinda craggy. Do you want to clean that up a bit or leave it how it is? Most of it is good, but there are a couple spots where it looks square.
20.03.2011, 15:39
Aside from that, you didn't leave me much to do. The south big occluder could be closer to the middle between the two side instead of turned way over to the east, but that's not technically going to function any differently. Everythign else looks great. Solid small map. Let me know about the textures and it's good to online.
20.03.2011, 19:23
Fixed the textures, wasn't really intentional to have blatant lines like that :p
Moved the south occluder to be in the center.
I did a small gameplay test with a few friends and it turned out that it was too easy to siege the stronghold/lair from the bridge that led from the expansions. So i put up a little mist and a small stream. It's now possible to actually cover up a shield tower from a far distance but added a little more cover options for siege units that get closer up. Also the beast towers won't be super vulnerable from the expansion cliffs anymore just like the humans.
22.03.2011, 02:38
One last thing I didn't catch on last review. Your NPC deathmatch at the top of the map would be rendered from the back half or so of both bases. You need to add one more occluder on each side to block that. Several dozen NPC's rendering in a frame will slow some players to a crawl.

The new texture work looks good, even though I think you went a little thick and heavy on the cracked dirt. I actually like the other stone texture better, just was looking for some cleaner execution.
30.11.2011, 12:55
Id say this can go online. still waiting for aneurysms admin-introduction before setting maps online.
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays163
Game draws20
Human wins58
Beast wins85
Avg. minutes27

In-Game Reviews
13.03.2016, 20:05
this game sucks
05.02.2016, 21:43
22.05.2015, 11:08
i buil myself noodle boobs to eat
19.12.2014, 10:30
07.10.2014, 01:36
best map ever
03.08.2014, 04:06
21.11.2013, 02:51
its okay
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Sailor Moon
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10.02.2013, 01:35
05.10.2012, 20:19
22.09.2012, 23:08
09.08.2012, 19:41
nice map! pretty l33t tbh :)
02.02.2012, 16:05
good for fun games

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