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Submitted by Aneurysm on 26.05.2010
DescriptionWhile still tipping my hat to the classic style of original greats like eden I wanted to give this map a truly "fantasy" feel about it. Trading realism for vibrant colours, I am really hoping that the community embraces this one. Lord knows I spent enough time on it :P
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
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Map Statistics
R. Mines4
G. Mines0

Rating: 4.67 stars (3 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
Bearded Frog
26.05.2010, 12:37
Very nice man. Not sure how it will play but you definitelly did some good work. You should consider documenting your tricks sometime :P Some people could lean a lot from your map editing.
26.05.2010, 13:09
Thanks BF, appreciate the support. I have to be honest, I have considered documentation in the past, I even went so far as to start collecting footage of the map making process at one stage. However I am far from a quick worker, I laboriously poor over my maps for a considerable amount of time. Therefore the footage blew out to silly proportions, editing it still had it at stupid lengths so in the end I abandoned the work... Maybe somewhere down the line I will consider approaching the task again...I am not ruling out anything at this stage.
Bearded Frog
26.05.2010, 14:29
Well you dont really have to document every second. Just helpful tips for getting people started. Ive considered doing one myself. One thing I could learn from you however is Minimaps. Unbelievable work on this one. Also thats the one thing a lot of people don't do, is take the time. I wont mention names but some people just draw a heightmap of a simple design and throw down a few objects and release it in 20 mins and go to the next map. I enjoy taking my time and coming up with interesting little things to throw in as I go along and add as much detail as possible.
26.05.2010, 17:20
Well truth be told mate, I largely have Skope to thank for my mini mapping craft. I learn't a bucket load from reading this thread of his [LINK] From that thread I've just refined my technique and I tend to spend a lot of time emulating eden2 because I have always felt that map is the benchmark in all senses of the word.
However you are right, I should pull my finger out and put pen to paper... Ill add it to the 'todo' list.
27.05.2010, 10:14
Is that a cleverly masked skywalk at the top right waterfall I found Ane?
28.05.2010, 13:25
30.05.2010, 04:46
if you don't know what a skywalk is, basically means it's where you can walk around the borders of the map.
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays130
Game draws15
Human wins58
Beast wins57
Avg. minutes20

In-Game Reviews
16.02.2015, 00:15
26.12.2014, 14:47
09.05.2014, 12:46
09.02.2014, 05:41
15.01.2014, 18:07
12.08.2013, 02:18
fhausdhaidhawuh good
24.07.2013, 01:16
you are a master artist keep mapping
25.06.2013, 14:19
11.01.2013, 13:41
it's just like eden, same ideas basically good map imo
06.01.2013, 11:45
yup, much fun dudz. 2 fronts'n so on
13.10.2012, 16:07
nice map!
07.10.2012, 17:21
nice map!
26.02.2012, 18:25
26.02.2012, 18:25
nice map

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