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Savage XR Gallery: Newerth Wallpaper Competition
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Title: KJell(Entry: 2)Title: skope(Entry: 1)
KJell(Entry: 2)
skope(Entry: 1)
Title: nymph(Entry: 2)Title: namednubcake
nymph(Entry: 2)
Title: KJell(Entry: 1)Title: darkbread(Entry: 4)
KJell(Entry: 1)
darkbread(Entry: 4)
Title: enliven(Entry: 8)Title: legionnairel
enliven(Entry: 8)
Title: nurTitle: enliven(Entry: 3)
enliven(Entry: 3)
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Posted by Fenrir
Posted by Mr_Matt
good maps*
Posted by Mefix
Are you saying I need to make NEW MAPS?!
Posted by Mr_Matt
i dont like the new maps :(
Posted by EpicIkaros
Made something to keep in some what contact with people, so we could start games earlier. If intrested in that,come join our discord!Discord is omething where people communicate in! Like teamspeak, but has a lot more features! Visit us here:
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