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Donated: UK Savage ServersYour donations will provide the finance to run the website (including the UK download mirror), UK IRC server. Donations will be used to cover the monthly cost of renting our servers only.
-6893.32 (Monthly
Cost:69 GBP)
[Whos Donated]
GroentjuhGroentjuh'sYour donations will provide the finance to run the DE download mirror and DE IRC server. The donations will also provide the finance to run and improve the Groentjuh's servers. Donations will be used to cover the monthly cost of renting our servers only.
-3861.52 (Monthly
Cost:50 EUR)
[Whos Donated]
JmZLeetI can't afford it, so all donations are greatly appreciated.
-13833 (Monthly
Cost:159 USD)
[Whos Donated]
What is the Newerth Donation Center?
The Newerth Donation Center is the central location for your to show your gratitude towards the services we provide. The dedicated servers that provide services like this website and the game servers, are not free and cost a lot to maintain. Without your support the Newerth Community will find it very difficult to survive. If you enjoy using the services here at Newerth and would like to repay the time and effort that we put in, please donate. If you would prefer your donation be anonymous please logout of the website before donating.
Why Donate:
To show our gratitude, donators will recieve VIP access to the EvO's, Leet and Groentjuh's savage servers (be able to join the servers with a password when they are otherwise full) and a forum title. Donator will also gain access to the private XR Testing forum, where you will be given access to the latest Savage XR patches, features and content before they are made public.
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Posted by Django
Apologies about today's downtime, we had a few issues with an OS upgrade. Should all be working now though :)
Posted by Nanaa
@Daemon Some days ago we played anvale and Shapeshifter said he "spawned once as lego in 0, 0 coordinates" which would be the bottom left corner behind stronghold. Same thing happened on the same map yesterday because there was suddenly a single exploiting balli on the same mountain shooting our sub.
Posted by Daemon
@Necro: got any info we can use to replicate the bug?
Posted by mutan
Posted by H3027
Add a mixed reality mode to Savage, so it will be Savage XR.
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