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XR Last pre-1.4 Patch
February 25, 2018, 11:53:38 pm by Tjens

Savage XR 1.4 patch is right around the corner, and with it, the introduction of the long lost heroes, Ophelia and Jeraziah. Based on player feedback, there has been given a look towards balancing the gameplay of the new XR additions and tweaking some old time issues like Sac rushes and Chaplain survivability! What everything boils down to is that the new beast tech (Burrow/Enchanted Burrow, Conflux, Guardian) is more suited to race tactics and being used a whole lot more than their human counterparts.

Outposts and Burrows
Magnetic Outposts were mostly used as back entrances inside sealed tech/shield encampments, and not as a special rush spawn point, as the Enchanted Burrow was. Their resilience had to be improved, but doing so without upsetting the hitpoints balance that ALL spawnpoints do, across both races. So the upgraded Outposts shield themselves in addition to other buildings, which makes them worthwhile standalone, front line bases! In slight compensation, because they do not need it, Enchanted Burrows now inflict mild thorn damage when attacked by melee, which stacks up faster the weaker and more frequent the attacks. In order to give a fighting chance to humans having their backdoor burrow'ed, while aiming at keeping values consistent, both the Horde's and the Legion's frontline buildings now have less health in their initial, not upgraded, cut off from the network forms. Their build/upgrade time and costs has been slightly increased, for both stages.

Helpers (Balloons, Mobile spawn points)
You now know where the H minimap icon comes from! Conflux and Transport now cost less gold to produce, as we don't all have Bistro on our team to cover it's previous huge costs. In addition, both have their health increased, but more on the human side, since the Bus was kind of too susceptible to sacs.
The gas filled vehicles, renamed to the obvious Balloon designation, now pack a heftier punch, as succeeding to kill them in melee range will punish anyone within a small radius. Stay safe!

This patch is also a huge come-up for Chaplain players, as their survivability has been increased by making their Cure skill self-healing. The link they establish between themselves and their patients is symbiotic, Chaps being able to heal some of their own damage in the process. In order to be effective in the field, Chaps in pairs should not be that needed anymore. Their potions also give slightly increased ranged (energy) protection and movement speed for human groups, so you'll be even more useful as Chap!

You know these Altars and Ammo/Health caches that get dropped by Balloons and Guardians? They act like batteris, giving back their powerup energy cost back to the team when they get destroyed. This is nifty because now you can actually use them without taking away buffs from players, or saving energy for dark times. In addition, they now store a little energy themselves, raising the team pool limits a little, even without the presence of additional tech buildings.

Sacrifice and Firewards
Sacrifice and Firewards have been switched back around, as a lot of positive feedback has been given to this change. This will push Sac rushes viability window a bit later in the game, probably leading to less early rushes and more balanced and thorough matches.

Chaos Bolt
Last but not least Chaos Bolt finally lives up to it's name. It's been given a unique ability which allows it, after making a successful strike, to perpetuate towards four other enemies in range. These new bolts deal less damage and have slower speed than their original shot, but when summed up, they cause an additional 200x damage - if all were to hit their marks.


Let us know what you like about these changes, as any feedback is always hugely appreciated!

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Hello, brother!
July 15, 2017, 11:03:27 pm by Daemon

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Savage's 12th Anniversary
September 09, 2015, 11:32:58 pm by Daemon

It is that time again, when delusional devs foolishly expect everything to go smoothly and nothing to ever need fixing again: the annual patch. It's always a great opportunity. Everything that should have been done months ago is now "intentionally" released right in time for yet another anniversary.

It's incredible, but here we are. Savage is 12 years old and outlived its younger brother though its successor, the Savage XR Newerth community mod, which conveniently and fittingly got its 1.2 version to crown the improvements made since 1.1.

The number of changes in the current content patch isn't exactly large, but they took quite some time to complete. As voted by 74% of the users that answered this poll, new content is something most remaining players welcome, so there it is:

  • 113 new rock props have been added. Map makers that are willing to revisit their maps can make use of the newly found diversity and replace some of the overused monoliths and pillars with new rocks and rock formations.
  • The Autominer Tjens designed is now included as claimable map prop. The Redstone Autominer provides 12K stone until self destruct, and the Gold Autominer 100K gold. Although the actual resource generating rates can be changed, the GameScript system currently forbids a proper synchronization between the rate the mines get depleted and the resource-per-second given. Therefore, even though subject to further tweaking based on community feedback, the current values are a rare time/resouces/life match that works, which had to be set manually after many failed attempts.
  • The standard Gold and Redstone mine models have been given new and more accurate collision boxes that should improve powermining quite a bit since the garrisons and sublairs can now be place more precisely in relation to the mines.
  • Crashday's cool new Simple HUD is now included and selectable in Options/Game. Thanks for the time and the effort you've put into this, Crash!
  • MacOSX users should be able to hear ingame music once again. Thanks to Rostner for reporting the bug.
  • The 2 new worker-type NPCs, the Guardian and the Transport, are now transplanted into the standard mod. As well as with the Autominers that automate resource collection, they aim at helping the comms deal with low player numbers and give them a more active support role. More on their particular set of skills in a later post but just in case anybody wonders, they've been discussed with, tested and okayed by prominent comms, admins and members of the community. Again, as with everything new, they can and will be tweaked as per pertinent community input.

WARNING: Until servers update too, there WILL be version compatibility problems with the updated clients and weird stuff WILL happen (like comms being unable to research stuff). Hotfixes may also be issued leading to multiple updates.

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AUTH server news
September 30, 2014, 08:56:41 pm by Daemon


As you probably know, a few days ago there was a rather large scale incident involving ingame accounts being abused by a hacker who obtained access to their passwords. In order to minimize the effects and to give us the time to find out what vulnerability was exploited by this Nolifer, we had to shut down the authentication server. Therefore, there are no ingame icons and no clan operations can be performed.

We've investigated pretty much every lead we had and tested every theory floating around. From the newly disclosed shell-shock exploit to db injection, from simply guessing passwords to the hypothesis that a Newerth admin with a grudge went berserk and used his access level to wreck havoc. Sadly, there's no hard evidence to support this theory at this time :).

What we did find is that plenty players who registered on various clan forums use the same password for their ingame accounts. Stupid, right? Because not all forum software stores encrypted passwords. I bet it's the same password they use with their credit card security or their yahoo accounts! Not that hashed passwords would be full-proof but we have strong indications that the eXp clan forums store user passwords in a human-readable plaintext format. Plenty leads point to this forum or others just like it as the most likely means for the Nolifer to gain access to the ingame accounts. It might not be with the forum owners' consent, but it also came to our attention that exactly some of those that cried over hijacked accounts first, were actually playing the same tricks themselves, before. Sorry to see your accounts go!

So we're going to fire-up auth in a read-only mode as far as clans are concerned. That will prevent clans being wiped out or getting random players invited. In the meanwhile, a bunch of devs took the bull by the horns and are working on completing and securing Mohican's new Python authentication server with state of the art encryption algorithms and multi-layer protection. It's hard to tell when this undertaking will be completed but hopefully, it will be before lunch.

Thank you.

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Savage XR 1.1 Patch
September 04, 2014, 11:35:04 pm by Daemon

Savage XR 1.1 Patch Changelog

New Officer-related features
-Orders issued by both the Commander and the Officers are simultaneously displayed.
-Officer orders no longer remove the existing Commander orders and vice-versa.
-Officer orders have been given different icons and colors from the Commander's (cyan/orange).
-The minimap now displays Waypoint Flag icons in all 4 variations (red/green/orange/cyan), as per order type.
-A dedicated Officer Task panel under the (now) Commander task panel has been added ingame.
-The blank default Officer human flag has been replaced by one featuring the Savage XR icon.
-The Officer state icon and the Officer status userlist icons have been replaced with the same icon.
-The Commander automatically receives temporary Officer status, ignoring max Officers limitations.
-Upon retaking his seat, or another Commander being elected, the Resigning Comm loses Officer status.
-The Resigning Commander can issue both Officer and Commander voice commands while on the field.
-Officer status is now kept by players when joining or switching squads.

Other changes and fixes
-New floating friendly unit icon added.
-Players whose exact name is being written in the chatbox get an audible notification.
-New cheat prevention and detection methods have been implemented.
-Msg and msgcomm votes are now interrupted if any other (more meaningful :) ) vote is called.
-Automatic date checks for theme packs has been added, in case skins like for Easter or Halloween are made.
-Blank name & illegal characters name abuse fixed.
-Tower attack speed bug fixed. (As reported by Crashday)
-Inventory change exploits fixed. (As reported by jazzking)
-Attachments not removed inside shops fixed. (like sacrifice)
-Clanless players posting in public Shoutbox incorrectly showing a clan icon fixed.

Community Generated Gameplay Changes
-Two years since their creation, we've introduced the gameplay changes that the Community discussed in the Gameplay Re-Balancing forum to standard XR.
-These changes have been selected, discussed, tweaked, voted and finally approved by a hardcore think-tank of Newerth Admins, over month-long debates.
-The 2 new units present in Evolution (the Mech and the Glider) are NOT included in this update. In the near future, following public feedback, their gameplay features will be redesigned and subjected to the same Community scrutiny that produced the other widely accepted gameplay changes.
-The full list of changes that were first implemented in the Evolution sandbox mod when XR 1.0 was launched, and now they made it to standard XR, can be found here.

Even after discussions spanning more than 180.000 views and more than 1000 replies, the changes above ARE SUBJECTED TO FURTHER TWEAKING pending community feedback! Nothing is really ever final with Savage, so do not panic and enjoy the game :). After a while, without anything new added to the table, any game becomes dull, right?


Note to MacOS users: Like always, you will have to wait a little longer than the rest of the world. Hopefully it will only be a matter of hours. Thank you!

Most, if not everything (good) of the above was made possible through Clemens' efforts. The bad ones are on me :).

[edit]IF there are requests or complaints, like for instance regarding the new Friendly icon that replaced the old, low res one, please post your feedback in a readable fashion instead of hating ingame, where we can't read :). Thanks.

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Hello. This is your bot speaking.
September 20, 2013, 09:24:36 pm by Daemon

Since it's a pity for all the nice, friendly, psycho bots personalities Clemens made to go to waste, and because some veterans (which weren't supposed to like bots more than people!) asked for instructions, i'll make a boring post about the different aspects that can be changed manually:

So first of all you gotta go to Tutorial and click the Bot Duels button. It will start a local server with the xr_duel_tutor2 map, WHICH CAN'T BE HOSTED ON A SERVER! So Hoff, if you wanna have a bots server, wait until we finish xr_duel_tutorm map, which will work with multiple players.

Once you've connected, you can pull the console with tilde ("~"), or type the commands in your chat box preceded by "/". Like, if you want bots to stop pointing out how bad you are at duels, type "/sv_botTalk 0" in chat box or "sv_botTalk 0" in console. And don't forget to press Enter!

Cvar, Default Value, # Explanation

sv_botStaminaCostPercent 25    # Stamina cost percentage (integer) stamina -= staminaCost * percent / 100
sv_botHumanBlockDelay 10    # Delay between block spam (in bot-frames)
sv_botTalk 0    # Allow Bots to talk
sv_botTalkFreq 5    # Percentage chance that a Bot decides to talk
sv_botRandomTauntFreq 1000   # Interval between Bot's random taunting
sv_botDuelTier 3    # The Tier of Unit Bots shall use on a Duel Server (Requires Bot to respawn to change unit)
sv_botPersonaName 0    # True/False to determine if a Bot should use a real name or a Persona Level name
sv_botRandomPersona 1    # Randomize Bot Persona at join/add - 0 = off, 1 = on
sv_botHumanType -1    # Human Bot's Persona at join/add (ignored if sv_botRandomPersona is on)
sv_botBeastType -1     # Beast Bot's Persona at join/add (ignored if sv_botRandomPersona is on)
sv_botHardcoreMode 0    # Elec buff for bots

All other bot settings should be ignored and never touched.

To change bot styles (personalities or Personas), use the following command:

/botskill <botNumber> <personaNumber>

Currently, Human bots range from -1 to 17; Beasts from -1 to 23. And then there's a 99.
Persona numbers are not sorted nor indicative of skill level.
<botNumber> is the bot's/arena's number.
<personaNumber> is the Persona you want the bot to be.

/botskill 4 17

The bot inside arena 4 will henceforth change to Persona 17.

/botrem <botNumber>

Type this command into chat to respawn/reset a bot.
The cvars sv_botRandomPersona, sv_botHumanType, sv_botBeastType will decide what Persona the bot respawns with.
<botNumber> is the bot's/arena's number.


Both races:

Bot-1 (Random)
Changes style after each death

Bot99 (Daebot)
Adapts to your skill. Gets better if you're ahead in kills, or weaker if it is leading.

Bot0 (Good)
Good blocks; sometimes surprising freeswing; bad against far bounce; open after freeswing

Bot1 (Good)
Only blocks; good blocks; never open after freeswing (has none); bad against far bounce

Bot2 (Average)
Only blocks; good blocks; never open after freeswing (has none); bad against all bounces

Bot3 (Average)
Good blocks; bad against all bounces; its random nature makes it easier to kill, but impossible to predict

Bot4 (Weak) - Arena4
Good blocks; bad counters; bad against all bounces; its random nature makes it easier to kill, but impossible to predict; pointless random jumping makes it weaker

Bot5 (Weak) - Arena2
Never blocks; good freeswing timing; but predictable

Bot6 (Weak)
Never blocks; freeswing timing too random - less predictable but easier

Bot7 (Weak) - Arena1
Never blocks; slow freeswing

Bot8 (Good)
Like Bot0, but seems slightly better (random factor)

Bot9 (Good)
Good blocks; very aggressive freeswinging; bad against all bounces

Bot10 (Average)
Over-confident in his 'random' block angle

Bot11 (Good)
Good blocks; sometimes surprising freeswing; bad against far bounce; open after freeswing

Bot12 (Strong) - Arena5
Good blocks; sometimes good freeswings; good against bounces, but not perfect; stays close

Bot13 (Strong)
Good blocks; sometimes good freeswings; good against bounces, but not perfect

Bot14 (Average)
Bot0 but with a reactionary delay; sometimes good, but sometimes slow

Bot15 (Average)
Good blocks; sometimes surprising freeswing; bad against all bounces; open after freeswing

Bot16 (Random)
Random bot is random

Bot17 (Average) - Arena3
Bot1 but with a reactionary delay; sometimes good, but sometimes slow

Bot18 (Average)
blocks frontal (bad at backstab blocking); surprises with freeswing sometimes; charges low-stamina beasts

Bot0 (Average)
Does frontals, sideways and backstabs - nice leaping overall; easy to freeswing; not too fast either

Bot1 (Good)
Does frontals, sideways and backstabs - nice attacking overall; easy to freeswing; very quick with chaotic leaping

Bot2 (Weak) - Arena1
No leaps; just attacks

Bot3 (Weak)
No leaps; just attacks

Bot4 (Weak)
No leaps; just attacks with random timing

Bot5 (Weak)
Leaps towards you; attacks literally in-your-face

Bot6 (Weak) - Arena2
Leaps towards you; only attacks with first hit; sometimes dodges your attack

Bot7 (Average) - Arena3
Does frontals, sideways and backstabs - nice leaping overall; easy to freeswing; not too fast either

Bot8 (Weak)
Leaps and sprints towards you; attacks literally in-your-face

Bot9 (Weak)

Bot10 (Good) - Arena4
Slightly better movement than Bot1

Bot11 (Weak)
Has accuracy issues

Bot12 (Good)
Slower, but more realistic than Bot1 or Bot10

Bot13 (Good)
Very aggressive, more so than Bot1 or Bot10

Bot14 (Average)
Sometimes might surprise you; limited moves; easy to freeswing

Bot15 (Good)
Quick and accurate; sometimes easy to freeswing

Bot16 (Average)
Less accurate than Bot15

Bot17 (Average)
Slower than Bot16

Bot18 (Average)
Both you and the bot will be dizzy after this duel

Bot19 (Strong) - Arena5
Very aggressive; very quick

Bot20 (Average)
Considerably slower than Bot19; making blocking and freeswinging easier

Bot21 (Average)
Sometimes dodges, sometimes counters, sometimes aims

Bot22 (Strong)
Quick, aggressive, yet accurate - sometimes freeswingable at a risk

Bot23 (Random)
Random bot is random

Bot24 (Strong)
Does not leap nor move, except when dodging and countering freeswings - for melee practice only

Bot25 (Strong)
B24 but actual combat

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Savage Live Info
September 09, 2013, 11:53:50 pm by Daemon


Welcome to the 1st SL DevBlog post! Although a dedicated section harboring all sorts of information will soon be created, I will take this opportunity to go through the major features of SL and the changes it will contain in relation to Savage XR.

SL will run using the Unity3D engine, a professional, high-tech engine featuring all the advancements in game graphics technologies and an incredibly clever editing environment. Unity3D is a multiplatform available for PC, Mac and Linux, mobile devices and consoles, and it is constantly and continuously improved and enhanced by is developers, taking a huge work load off the shoulders of game designers, who don't have to write their own render engines from scratch.

Contributing to the AAA visual fidelity of Unity3D, some of its highlights are: fast and smooth rendering performance, precision control over lighting, dynamic shadows, special audio and visual effects, particle generators, material manipulation with procedural textures, integrated terrain and atmospheric editor, built-in pathfinding AI, ragdoll physics, retargetable animations, precomputed occlusion culling, smart LOD support, cross-platform scripting, WYSIWYG prototyping, social network integration, GLSL optimizations with mobile shaders support. Who knows, maybe we'll get to play Savage on a mobile, after all! In addition to the game client, Unity3D will allow SL to run with a web player, so that you will be able to play the game right inside your browser.

SL will carry over the gameplay from Savage XR. The major features remain unchanged: commanders, economy based on workers, 3 tier bases and tech, units and tech research, building construction, human shield tower, upgradable towers, block vs. leap, networked respawn points and all the rest. However, based on the comparative analysis we've made, a number of changes will occur.

One rather minor change is the introduction of a new unit per race. No, not the Glider and Mech :). The equivalent of a Builder or Engineer, or call it Smith, if you want. These Labourers would possess increased work efficiency (mining, building, repairing) and an ability to carry and deploy more static devices like Land Mines or Sensors (compared to the other units). This is unit is dedicated to Phoe and all the newbies all around the world!

By far the most important one is the way loadout works. First of all, we're going to use a weight-based items/weapons system. This will allow cross-class inventory items usage, without allowing uber-combos. The concept is pretty simple: the larger the unit, the more weight it can carry. The heavier the items and/or weapons, the greater their impact. Alternatively, units could carry larger numbers of a item type, instead of heavier items, or mix the 2 aspects as the situation requires. Basically any humanoid unit (human siege is momentarily excluded) will be able to equip pretty much anything, but strictly influenced by its particular attributes/stats (mana, attack speed, movement speed, weight, health and stamina, tech line affiliation). The units will be biased towards certain tech lines, with the purpose of isolating designated roles for each of them. In order to get the most bang for the buck, units would have to equip the items and weapons of their particular tech line. Hypothetical example: a Nomad would be carrying a quiver (an arrow holder), which allows him to carry the arrows of the Archery weapons, effectively halving the weight any such weapon would deduct from his AvailableWeight.

As far as magic is concerned, for instance, a Legionnaire will be able to equip the Revive spell, but because his MaxMana and ManaRegeneration amounts would be very low, if he's lucky, he may be able to use it once per spawn. Whereas a Chaplain equipping Revive would be able to use it once every 20 seconds. Conversely, instead of the 15 Healing Potions he could carry, he may decide to equip 2 Immobilizers instead. Perhaps a Nomad would end up not even having a Max Mana high enough to cast the Revive spell at all! Spells, unlike magic items, are not stackable and will take up an inventory slot regardless of how proficient a unit is at casting it.

As a consequence of the new weapons interoperability, melee weapons, for both beasts and humans, featuring distinct appearances (unlike Savage 1 beast melee weapons) and they would be usable by any units (unlike Savage 1 human melee weapons). Individual units' bonuses and restrictions aside, they would carry over the animations and damage to any unit using them. This means we're going to see Scavengers with huge Predator Claws-like blades or Legos with hatchets. Not the best combos, obviously, but they offer increased flexibility in order to respond in various predicaments, as the situations arise.

Although this is not decided yet, Experience and Levels are going to work a little differently from how they currently do in Savage XR. Along with every increase in levels, units receive improvements of their stats, according to a table designed to facilitate them the fulfillment of specific roles, like scouting, tanking etc., which the units are designed for. But on top of that, players will receive a bonus to the stats associated with their most often performed activity. This way, workers will become better workers, fighters better at fighting and magic users, well, you get my point. But without neglecting the rest of the stats.

A new concept of tech trees, branching and linearity will be devised, aimed at conserving every tier's tech usefulness all throughout the game, albeit in various amounts. The tiers 1 - 2 - 3 progression's impact will be diminished. Savage 1 is unfolding in a predictable and restrictive way: you get the free Nomads then you research tier 2 to get Savages which turn Nomads useless and then you rush for tier 3's Legos which turn Savages useless. Even though there still are some exploitable niche traits, the tier 1 and 2 units aren't going to be seen around the battlefield unless in dire need of gold, most often at the very final moments of a game being lost. This turns the most part of any game into a Pred vs Lego skirmish, while making it very hard for any newbies to be useful in any way, or get a chance to learn anything since everybody else is already good at that one single thing going on, the Pred vs. Lego game.

Weapons and units will be designed in such a way that the different tiers do not turn the previous tiers obsolete, allowing for non-linear tech research decisions which keep tech lines still useful outside tier constraints. This translates into a new way of differentiating units from each other based on tech line affinity, primary goal and the required skill vs. effectiveness ratio.
Here are units screenshots on some pre-made maps accompanying the environment sets we got. And then the Arena map which i've made in 1 day, with no previous knowledge of how to. But we'll get pro mappers, don't worry :).

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How to make sure your client is up to date
October 22, 2012, 09:51:35 pm by Daemon

One month after the public XR 1.0 release and more than two months after the initial pre-release, the testing period for Savage XR 1.0 is over. We would like to thank our testers and players so much for their patience and support!

As time progresses, the moment to sever the ties with the past closes in. At this point, under 5% of all the Savage clients being used are not XR 1.0. Although there are unfortunate exceptions like honest players believing their computers are too old to run anything other than outdated versions, there are those whose choice is not so benign. Many if not most that still use them do so because of the client cheats and hacks only working on those. The countermeasures we could implement in the servers, we did, but there's nothing we can do to prevent those unfair advantages on age-old installs with no auto-updater and crafty cheaters.

Besides the new anti-cheat protection in XR, there are new features which are incompatible with old versions: the new auth server, the new clan commands like inviting, voting and playing mods 'on the fly', the new XR maps with all their props. In fact, the xr_ maps triggered a new kind of exploit: the XR 1.0 props and textures are invisible on older clients even though they CAN play them. The players using them can actually see through them like there was nothing there. It's time we cast them out.

Further development is also hindered by having to maintain retro-compatibility. You have to be a Savage dev to know how many times we felt suicide urges because of the amount of work needed to add the smallest of things without breaking backwards compatibility. As yesterday's patches showed, the updates to the Testing installs, both client and server, which many of you still use, can cause quite some issues.

So, in order to remove the cheaters once and for all and to clear the way for the development of XR 1.1, everyone should switch to public release Savage XR 1.0 Production version, which will only get major updates, and not untested and frequent dev patches. Please read the following instructions carefully:


To find out exactly which version you have, run Savage, pull down console with the tilde key ("~"), type cl_SEPVersion and press Enter. The number you get shows your version:

1005: YOU ARE OK. You have the public release Savage XR 1.0 Production, you need not do anything, except make sure you always start the game with savage.exe and not silverback.exe.

1006: You were an XR 1.0 tester, and still use a Savage XR 1.0 Testing install, used by developers to test new changes through frequent updates that may happen to break it. You can either reinstall the game from the download page or edit 2 files to keep using your current install. To do the latter, find your Savage XR installation folder and edit the "a-u.cfg" file located inside. Just change the value of the "isTesting 1" keyword to "isTesting 0" and your install will become Production. Start Savage, let it update and play.

820-1004: If cl_SEPVersion resulted in anything lower than 1005 or 1006 (like 1003, 1000, 999, 820 etc.) means you have an outdated and unsupported version. You need to reinstall the game by downloading your appropriate client from the download page.

As soon the final preparations are in place, a patch will be uploaded for all servers, clients and OS's installs. That will most likely be tomorrow evening. Among other dev changes, it will break compatibility with outdated clients so please make sure you take care of it by then. Thank you.

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