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We here at Newerth.com have been working hard to bring you a new enhancement of Savage 1 based on SFE. We code named the project SFE2 but now have decided on an new name and the acronym XR.

We are keeping a Dev-Blog here: Click to access Dev Blog

With this we thought that it would be a nice idea if we showed you some of the progress we are making with XR and have created a short HD video.


Click to download the video.

The video displays some new enhancements that have been added to the Silverback engine that hopefully will bring Savage 1 up-to-date with graphics seen in newer game titles.

We hope to release the first version of XR shortly, that will include many bug fixes and minor additions to the game including a one click installer, automatic updater (no more downloading x y and z patch), functional in game IRC client, a website section that tracks player stats and a community run competitive league. Several bug fixes, small new features and optimisations have been implemented server side to reduce "lag" and make installing and managing servers easier. We will also be incorporating many mods already available for Savage 1 into XR with their creators consent. With these new addition we will also try and keep the installer around 150MB in size. The current XR client installer is an amazing 95MB in size for the client!

A second release will then see the addition of the new client side graphics (seen in the video) and additional game models. Don't be concerned about whether these new additions will slow down your client you will be able to turn them off as you see fit along with all new functionality added to the game. XR will also place emphasis on adding to not altering Savage 1 which means there will be very few controversial balance and game changes made without the full backing of the community (melee changes etc.) avoiding the backlash other Savage mods have had.