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Note: This article is a stub. It still needs to be enhanced with many other codes.

The game client implements a lot of features to let the user customize the way informations are presented.

Some of the most basic include the ability to change the colors in the chat-box, to display mini-icons of the game items and the clan icons.

[edit] Text colors

The color in RGB (Red Green Blue) form is represented by three values ranging from 0 to 9. The text after those 4 chars will be printed in color.
Examples (type in chatbox):
^000Hello world! (black)
^999Hello world! (white)
^088Hello world! (cyan)
^380Hello world! (dark green)

Easier way to color text is to use the first letter of color name (ie. red, green, yellow, white), insted of 3 numbers.
^rHello world! (red)
^wHello world! (white)

When you type proper color code it will dissapear - and that's good, continue typing and you will notice new color.
If you have problem with choosing color try this list.

[edit] Clan icons

^clan <number>^
The <number> parameter is the unique number that identifies each clan and its icon.
^clan 3^

[edit] Game icons

^icon <path/icon>^
The <path/icon> parameter points to the images included in the .s2z (zipped) files. No need to specify the extension (usually it is .tga)
^icon ../../textures/effects/explosions/orange/1_nl_exp0000^