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Image: Bkgd_human_001.jpg

The Human Team:

Displaced by the growing tide of the dead that has swollen across the frontier, the human team is comprised of a powerful band of gunslingers, mercenaries and sheriffs that have laid aside their differences for the sake of survival.

Although their technology is improvised from the now ruined remnants of mining settlements and boom towns, the human team wields an impressive arsenal of weaponry, utilizing both conventional weapons and artillery as well as experimental chemical and electrical devices.

Foot Soldiers: Gunslinger | Mercenary | Enforcer | Medic | Guard

Mounted Units: Cavalry

Artillery: Mobile Gattling | Heavy Cannon

Image:Gunslinger.jpg Gunslinger: Quick on the draw, fast on his feet and always ready to brawl, the Gunslinger is trained and hardened by the rugged lawlessness of the west. As a good all-around fighter, the Gunslinger is a useful addition to any team.

Default Weapons: Brawling Fists | Buck Knife | Colt 45

Self Buff:

Image:Mercenary.jpg Mercenary: Stronger, faster and more skilled than the Gunslinger, the Mercenary is a mysterious drifter that has a coat full of weaponry, a cigarette that never burns out, and only one goal – to eliminate his targets.

Default Weapons: Knuckle Blade | Steele Knife | Double Barrel Shot Gun

Self Buff:Last Smoke

Image:Enforcer.jpg Enforcer: Although slightly slower than the Mercenary, the Enforcer was once the sheriff of a town now overrun by the dead. He is a true master-at-arms, wielding a distinctive, combined melee and ranged weapon: the shotgun- handled railroad spike hammer. The Enforcer has a score to settle, and is force to be reckoned with.

Default Weapons: Hammer Swing | Hammer Pounding | Hammer Rifle

Self Buff:Law Enforcement

Image:Medic.jpg Medic: A perfect support class, the Medic may not have the most firepower, but will keep his teammates alive when they most need it. Medics can also revive fallen teammates.

Default Weapons/Items: Bag | Adrenaline Injection(Ressurects Falling Teammates)| Medic Gun (Throws syringues that heal friends & poison ennemies)

Self Buff:

Image:Guard.jpg Guard: Although unplayable, Guard units serve as the untiring protectors of the human base while team members are far away. Although much less effective at laboring than prospectors, Guards can also help gather resources and build/repair structures.

Default Weapon: Bladed Axe

Image:Cavalry.jpg Cavalry: A horse mounted fighter available once a stable has been constructed.

Default Weapon: Saber | Hoof Trample | Colt 45

Self Buff:Cavalary Charge

Image:Heavy_cannon.jpg Heavy Cannon: Whatever it lacks in speed and mobility, the heavy cannon makes up for with range and power. The heavy cannon packs a considerable punch, leveling enemy structures quickly.

Default Weapon: 12-Pound Cannon Ball

Image:Gattling.jpg Gattling: Although relatively small, the hand-cranked mobile Gattling fires quickly and is designed to mow down both enemy units and structures.

Default Weapon: High Caliber Artillery Rounds

[edit] The Human TechLine


Gunsmith Weapons:

  • Tier 1: Units unique Ranged Weapons (see above)
  • Tier 2: Automatic Rifle
  • Tier 3: Sniper Rifle

Mercantile Items:

  • Image:Whiskey_bottle.jpgTier 1: Wishkey Bottle (Heals 1/3 health, but blurs vision for 2-3s).
  • Image:Ammo_belt.jpgTier 2: Ammo Belt (+40% ammo).
  • Image:Ammo_satchel.jpgTier 3: Ammo Satchel (+100% ammo).


Buildings: Steamworks Company Steam Tower (Attacks with steam jets)


  • Tier 1: Steam Thrower (similar to incinirator, just with hot steam).
  • Tier 2: Stun Gun (Huge pressure gun throwing large metallic tubes, unfolding into a large cross that stuns ennemies).
  • Tier 3: Steam Grenade Launcher (see Item 1)


  • Tier 1: Steam Grenade - Creates a cloud that will either deal damage to enemy units and/or reduce sight to a minimum.
  • Tier 2: Steam Pack - Propulsion system allowing player to hover a few meters above the ground.
  • Tier 3: Daisy Cutter - Small turret that automatically fires at nearby ennemy when deployed on the ground.

Buff: Steam Cloud: Player immune to all attacks, but also unable to deal damage himself.


Buildings: Aetna Explosives Company Exploding Tower (Tower is rigged with explosives, comm can detonate it to cause huge radius damage)


  • Tier 1: TNT Charge Launcher (spring loaded: the longer you press, the further it is thrown. Very Innacurate, like mortar).
  • Tier 2: Exploding Bullets Carbine (single round, slow reload) (bullet is slower than normal bullets, and leaves a trail).
  • Tier 3: Exploding Bullets Sniper Rifle (single round, slow reload) (bullet is slower than normal bullets, and leaves a trail).


  • Tier 1: Nitro Flask (hand-held grenade).
  • Image:Explo dynamite.jpgTier 2: Dynamite Charge (similar to explosives in savage).
  • Image:Explo detonator.jpgTier 3: Remote Detonator (player plants one or more dynamite charges, then detonates them remotely).

Buff: Suicide Bomber - Player explodes when is Health reaches 0 (Special Noob Buff! ^^).


Buildings: Church Holy Tower (Cross on top, heals nearby Buildings and Units)


  • Tier 1: Absolution Staff (beam that slows down the targetted ennemy).
  • Tier 2: Protection Staff (acts like the shaman's shield staff).
  • Tier 3: Essence Staff (similar to gravity gun in HL2).


  • Tier 1: Life Shrine (can be dropped on the field, heals nearby units).
  • Tier 2: Vision Shrine (can be dropped on the field, acts as sensor).
  • Tier 3: Gate Shrine (spawn point that can be dropped anywhere on the field... expensive, slow to deploy, easy to destroy).

Buff: Angel Ride - Commander can Teleport the player next to another friendly unit.

The Tech Line Might be legible to change

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