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The Undead Team:

Disrupted from their eternal slumber, and drawn to the pain of the bloodshed, the undead of the last war are now joined by the undead of ages past who have clawed themselves from their graves. This army of evil spans from freshly killed gunslingers to centuries-dead monstrosities only mentioned in whispered legends.

While less technologically advanced than their human adversaries, the undead team draws its strength and power from the elemental depths of the earth, as well as dark sorceries fueled by unholy fire and storm.

Foot Soldiers: Gunslinger | Grim Duelist | Terror | Necromancer | Skeleton Warrior

Mounted Units: Nightmare

Artillery: Magician | Berserker

Image:Gunslinger_dead.jpg Gunslinger: Once feared in life, the Undead Gunslinger is a good all-around fighter and a useful addition to any team.

Default Weapons: Dual Colt Peacemakers | Bone Hatchets | Bone Knife

Image:Grim_Duelist.jpg Grim Duelist: Although he may have lost his final duel, the Grim Duelist haunts the place of his death with a vengeance, reaping the souls of all those who cross his path.

Default Weapons: Dual Skull Locks | Scythe | Sickle

Image:Terror_sm.jpg Terror: True to its name, the Terror is the most gruesome of the undead. By merging the fallen bodies of both beasts and men, the terror is massive in size and lethal as well.

Default Weapons: Terror Claw

Image:Necromancer.jpg Necromancer: An alchemist and dabbler in the black arts in life, the necromancer was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake … Now beyond the grave, the necromancer uses his skills to give his undead teammates strength when they most need it. Necromancers can reanimate fallen teammates as well as turn fallen enemy corpses into mindless zombies.

Default Weapons: Wooden Cross | Reinforce | Reanimate

Image:Skeleton_warrior.jpg Skeleton Warrior: Although unplayable, Skeleton Warriors serve as the untiring protectors of the undead base while team members are far away. Although much less effective at laboring than their worker counterparts, Skeleton Warriors can also help gather resources and build/repair structures.

Default Weapons: Skull Axe

Image:Nightmare.jpg Nightmare: A gruesome undead rider and steed available once a bestial reanimatorium has been constructed.

Default Weapons: Spiked Mace | Hoof Trample

Image:Magician.jpg Magician: Although frail in body, the undead Magician commands a powerful arsenal of magic, summoning the spirits of the fallen and hurling them at enemy units and structures with catastrophic force. Magicians also have the ability to render themselves invisible when not moving.

Default Weapons: Soul Hurl

Image:Berserker.jpg Berserker: A crazed undead giant whose mutilated flesh is held together only by his unending rage. Feared by the living and undead alike, the Berserker is known to attack using his own rotten entrails, and when destroyed, it is said that his rotten body can rupture with explosive force.

Default Weapons: Berserker Fists | Gut Hurl

[edit] The UnDead TechLine

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