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TombStone is an official, zombie-western total conversion of S2 Games' groundbreaking FPS/RTS Hybrid Savage - The Battle for Newerth.

Originally started in January of 2004, TombStone is an all-volunteer developed, designed and produced feature project, showcasing the strengths of S2's Silverback engine.

The TombStone development team consists of a dedicated core of unpaid artists, professionals and students who sacrifice their free time for the sole purpose of pushing the limits of the Silverback engine to create the most ambitious Savage mod to date.

To this end, TombStone's gameplay serves to further define the unique new genre, RTSS (Real Time Strategy Shooter), originally pioneered by Savage.

As a commander in RTS mode, you will tackle resource management, develop a robust tech tree, plan your assault and lead real human players across bloodied plains and treacherous passes. In action mode, you will master many unique weapons, powerful units, artillery and magic to fight a fast paced battle that will decide the fate of the west.

Offical TombStone Site

There is currently no work being done. Work should continue after Savage Heros(Check Front Page!) is Finished.

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