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Will add them, thanks for your help. -darkbread Will add them, thanks for your help. -darkbread
 +Pictures added -darkbread

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  • CSS bugs for IE6 needs fixing.


  • More in-depth tutorial / guide to melee. I have been trying to get better at Beast, and a list of advanced moves/tactics/strategies would be nice. Also, i guess how to counter these attacks should be in there too, for the human players. This could be a really big project if someone wants to make a demo and really edit it and make an awesome movie that explains the moves and stuff. I think it would help a lot.
* added the first stub of User_Customization page. Surely still needs enhancements.

General Cleanup of Topics

There's so much repetition. I see a Human commanding section and a human commanding tutorial in the commanding tutorials... I'll probably get onto this in lessons when I'm bored...


  • If you would like to discuss Ideas or get the Main Page Changed please do it at Talk:Main Page

New Cool Ideas

got a revolutionary idea? think you invented the next generation wiki stuff? put it here:

Beast Building Pictures

Recently, short descriptions of all beast buildings have been added, but still require pictures.

Will add them, thanks for your help. -darkbread Pictures added -darkbread