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[edit] Bugs

  • HUGE SUCCESS - Currently no bugs!

[edit] Articles

  • More in-depth tutorial / guide to melee. I have been trying to get better at Beast, and a list of advanced moves/tactics/strategies would be nice. Also, i guess how to counter these attacks should be in there too, for the human players. This could be a really big project if someone wants to make a demo and really edit it and make an awesome movie that explains the moves and stuff. I think it would help a lot.
  • added the first stub of User_Customization page. Surely still needs enhancements.
    • extended, but it still may be missing something
  • list of all cvars with default values and descriptions
  • article Officer can contain some more tips, ie. "how to behave when you are officer?"

*A description of the effects of the diffrent towers. (i did this -tjens)

  • A list up of different spires
  • The Options in Savage needs a complete re-write (including new XR screenshots)
  • Add better descriptions to the Units, Items, Buildings and Weapons.
  • Re-Do the Server Installation on Wiki
  • Re-Do the Server Commands
  • S1 Moves needs to be worked on
  • S1 Terminology needs to be worked on
  • Voice Commands are lacking the Beast Voices
  • Cvarlist doesn't include any Cvars
  • Refcommands are not up-to-date (XR)
  • Commands needs to be re-done (XR and layout)

[edit] General Cleanup of Topics

There's so much repetition. I see a Human commanding section and a human commanding tutorial in the commanding tutorials... I'll probably get onto this in lessons when I'm bored...

[edit] Frontpage

  • If you would like to discuss Ideas or get the Main Page Changed please do it at Talk:Main Page

[edit] New Cool Ideas

got a revolutionary idea? think you invented the next generation wiki stuff? put it here:

[edit] Tutorial Videos

One place to look is

[edit] Description of Awards

Can we get a list of all the awards that you can get at the end of the match with their descriptions? Some awards only appear under certain circumstances. Can we get an explanation of the awards and how to win them?

This makes no sense to me -Trig

Here's a good example of what is being looked for above: ---To achieve the Sadist award, you need to be the player with the most kills--- ---To achieve Reaper's Best Buddy, you need to be the player with the most deaths--- etc.

[edit] List of votes

Can we get a list of all the votes that can be called and the keyword(s) that should be used?