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[edit] Icarus Said:

Nice work.

[edit] DJ Said:

If you think that more links should be added to the main wiki page please discuss it here.

[edit] Mareck Said:

Under the original Savage links, there is currently a guide for commanding, I would like to create a link for a commanding overview, much like there is for Melee.

Also i think all the guides should be moved to the bottom of the list, rather than located right under "Myth". Just because the list should follow a natural progression through how to play the game. I think we want to give people an overview of each facet of the game, FPS, commanding, before giving them strategies and tactics.

[edit] OzzO Said:

the guides link, links to a category, so you just have to add Category:S1 Guides under a guide you made about Savage 1 and its in the list there. And then have 2-3 guides on the frontpage that help noobs play the game.

Why not put the installing guide, introduction guide and gameplay guide at the first spot so newbs notice it first?

gr. OzzO

[edit] DJ Said:

I agree with Mareck. The best idea is to separate guides and factual information on the two games. Factual info should come first so that a wiki user has a sound background and is used to the terminology before we start telling the user how to play. So from this I have changed the front page to take account of the discussion. I have also changes some titles so that both the S1 and S2 wiki menus are similar.

[edit] Oris Said:

I agree with Mareck, about the need for a Commanding Section just like the S1 Melee Section. The Commanding Section should just provide facts about commanding like the default keys, order of building, etc.

[edit] DJ Said:

Like it is now with a section for basic factual information and a seperate area for guides?

[edit] Oris Said:

Yes but maybe say "Commander" instead of "Commanding Overview". Since it says "Melee" and not "Melee Overview".

[edit] DJ Said:

After second thoughts I'm thinking its a better idea just to have one section for commanding now rather than two, keeping the guides section for actual guides and not information on general game aspects.

[edit] Oris Said:

On the Main Page the S1 Human Items and S1 Beast Items need to be changed to the Category:S1 Human Items and Category:S1 Beast Items

[edit] Cutter said:

Guys, heres my opinion. You should make a category called Clans which has all of the information about them, like the different clan commands, and then after, have Clan website links with a bit of information about each of them

[edit] Oris said:

The clan information will come all in dew time but we want to focus more at updating information about Savage 1 and 2. Also the clan information is going to be only factual information and not opinionated.

[edit] Oris said:

Add S1 Voice Commands to the Main Page. I would put it after Melee.

[edit] DJ said:

Adding them, btw are you going to add the sounds too as mp3's?

[edit] born_to_be_noobish said:

Are there plans to add a modding tutorial? And does the wiki need a glossary list? (bd = backdoor and such)

added something everywhere, so no more red links now. Some still contain no useful info, but it looks better now.

[edit] DJ said:

If you make the pages we can add them to the wiki Main Page later. On another note there are still alot of red links in the Savage 1 section of the wiki that need to be added to a category like at S1 Human Units.

[edit] born_to_be_noobish said:

Could u plz check the nomad link and give me some feedback? More links, less links, more info, less info. that sort of things. When i got one right, i ll do the rest too, but i am not really sure about how to do it.

edit: We could add a page on Buffs and power ups and such. I covered that in the tips for newbs and noobs topic. There is a pretty complete list of such things in that topic, we just have to copy paste that and add a bit of wiki to it.

link to the topic (scroll down till: Bonuses, Power ups and Penalties.)

[edit] Oris said:

The S1_Commanding page breifly covers buffs and have red links for more information about the individual buffs.

[edit] born_to_be_noobish said:

the list i made in that topic has more then just the buffs, it also has things such as mist, officer bonus, lvl bonuses... I tried to make a list of all the effects that exists, i think the list in the topic is complete, but it needs to be rewritten a bit. Could be that i missed something in the list, sprint maybe. Nah, sprint doesnt belong in the list. (speed buff does, but sprint doesnt)

[edit] Oris Said:

On the Main Page the S1 Human Units and S1 Beast Units need to be changed to the Category:S1 Human Units and Category:S1 Beast Units

[edit] Cutter Said:

I think that you should make a link on the main page to a webpage which is all about clans, how to make one/join one and links and information about all of the current major clans

OH and add a page about SEP

[edit] Oris Said:

We need to find a new picture for the redirect links since the original one is black (

Maybe use this image:

This image shows up on this page:

When you click on Fire Ward on the Fire Wards page.

[edit] DJ Said:

Has this been done by any1 yet? Oh by the way we will be looking for sysops for the newerth wiki. If either you (Oris) or born_to_be_noobish would like to be a sysop give pm me on the forums :)

[edit] born_to_be_noobish Said:

has what been done?

oh btw, i just hit random page and edit it if needed, might be a bit chaotic. how do i link to a category from within text? i improvised a bit on the Magnetic Factorium but now it's a bit ugly, with the link.

[edit] DJ Said:

The redirect image :) Not sure maybe oris can help? Will sort btbn and oris's sysop out today so you can edit hte main page :)

[edit] DJ Said:

If Oris and Born_to_be_noobish could sign up of the forums and then login to the wiki, I can make you guys sysops. Soon the better otherwise I'm likely to forget.

[edit] Oris Said:

I'm signed up and logged in.

[edit] Maba27 Said:

The not use capital letters worked. or maybe it was just the pw change.

my name here is maba27 now. with some luck, it ll stay. (u ll problably need that for the sysop thingie, the acc name :) edit: btw, how does the back up system works? what if someone would mess it up today, then we'd just have to revert to the earlier version that's saved somewhere?

[edit] DJ Said:

Givern you sysop Oris mate will give you the same maba :) The website gets backed up nightly but you can also revert the every wiki page back if some1 messes it up.

[edit] Cutter said:

Heres another page to add: Base Building

[edit] o.O


[edit] darkbread said:

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