Sub lair

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General: You can spawn here. Is also a drop off point for resources. Important building for advancing and securing more resources. Gives warning signals when under attack. Costs 1000 redstone and 1000 gold. Most commanders do not spend their last 1000 redstone so they still build a sub lair. For example when someone sneaks past the enemy outer defenses, you can make a sub and siege their base from it. Or when the team has conquered a redstone mine, their commander builds a Sub Lair next to it and then the team can then "powermine" so the team has more redstone for researching and building things. Most good commanders like to take all the redstone on the map so that in case of a turn of the battle, in the case the enemy suddenly reclaims some terrain, the enemy still cant rebuild anything cause there simply is no redstone anymore. If your team has all the redstone then they will sooner or later run outt of it. Redstone is vital to success.

Enables: Spawning.

Researches: Worker. (50 redstone)

when destroyed: You cant spawn there anymore.