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[edit] Town hall

The primary command center and required to build further structures

requiments - None

[edit] Keep

A level 2 command center. Allows the creation of level 2 buildings and weapons.

requiments - Blacksmith

[edit] Castle

Level 3 command center. Allows creation of level 3 buildings and weapons.

requiments - Stable

[edit] Arrow tower

A guard tower that fires arrows at enemies within their line of sight.Can defence of enemyes.

requiments - keep

[edit] Fire arrow tower

General: Much like the arrow tower but fires flaming arrows that do more damage instead.Good defence for strenght enemyes.

requiments -castle

[edit] Barracks

Spawn area for players and peasants

requiments -none

[edit] Blacksmith

Allows the creation of keep and weapons.

requiments - None

[edit] Stable

Allows the creation of Cavalry

requiments - KEEP

[edit] Trade Outpost

Allows the creation of muskets and Spanish cannon.

requiments - Castle