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For more information: For more information:
-*[[SamuraiWarsStructures| Structures]] &ndash; Samurai Buildings. 
*[[SamuraiWarsClasses| Classes]] &ndash; Samurai Units. *[[SamuraiWarsClasses| Classes]] &ndash; Samurai Units.
 +*[[SamuraiWarsStructures| Structures]] &ndash; Samurai Buildings.
*[[SamuraiWarsWepoansandItems| Weapons & Items]] &ndash; Samurai Weapons and Items. *[[SamuraiWarsWepoansandItems| Weapons & Items]] &ndash; Samurai Weapons and Items.
*[[SamuraiWarsNPC| NPCs]] &ndash; Samurai Wars NPCs. *[[SamuraiWarsNPC| NPCs]] &ndash; Samurai Wars NPCs.
 +<div style="margin:0;background-color:#000000;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;text-align:center;color:#FFC125;">[[image:samurai_tech_tree.jpg]]</div>

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Set in Feudal Japan, Samurai Wars is a modification of Savage XR that allows players to take on the role of a Daimyo (commander) and different types of foot soldier (first-person players). To play Samurai Wars just download Savage XR and connect to any server with the Tag SAMURAI.


Building on the strengths of the Savage engine, Samurai Wars provides an alternative and engrossing playing experience with a hugely popular melee content.

For more information: