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This is the Savage Full Enhancement Changelog.

  1. - Dozens of new TombStone props, and 6 all-new NPCs! Also includes two claimable buildings, the sawmill and the infirmary.
  2. - Rain and Snow weather effects, use /rain and /snow in your game's chatbox to check it out before mappers make use of it!
  3. - Signficantly improved (quality & performance) grass also helps to improve immersion. New texture by SKOPE.
  4. - Serverside Demos, with the possibility of multiple players watching the same replay on the same replay server at the same time!
  5. - Unbelievably improved spectating, significantly: see everything EXACTLY as the other person does, see "Full Spectating Improvements".
  6. - All new referee system. There are tons of new commands (some of which require #having god referee access) and there can be up to 16 simultaneous referees. The referee status is now always saved through map changes, not only restarts. Any referee command will also be logged to the “reflog” file, including the GUID of the referee and the affected player, if any.
  7. - A "Favourite Servers" list has been added to the server selection screen! It's very easy to use, and is very useful for when the main Savage serverlist decides to bug out on you, and to keep track of "private" servers that are not set to broadcast their existance.
  8. - Minimap drawing for commanders with a nearly unlimited range of colors; classy and efficient, yet hardly takes any bandwidth. Just right click on the minimap & get started!
  9. - Flexible and lighting fast new automated duel competition system; also includes a public challenge-based duel system (see the duel_dj map)
  10. - Support for 128 players on a single server and 4 team games. Basic backwards compatibility for old clients.
  11. - Improved serverside performance; it's likely a non-SEP server wouldn't be able to handle half as many players with an idential CPU and lag compensation turned off.
  12. - Misc. small new spectating features; including NPC spectating, right clicking on someone to spectate him, etc.
  13. - Spectators may now see which units/players are selected by their commanders in freefly mode.
  14. - Support for game pausing, including auto-pause if someone disconnects for clan matches (/ref pause, /ref unpause, /callvote unpause)
  15. - Accuracy panel, incredibly useful to see how much you've been improving (if at all) when it comes to using tempest, coil, flux or even melee!
  16. - New fall damage code, also fixed for relocaters & gateways. It can only be activated on a per-map basis in order to prevent stupid server settings.
  17. - Support for commanders seeing the ammo in the players’ inventory as well as their melee weapon if they don't have a ranged one.
  18. - Powerful “pure DLL” code prevents non-compatible (SEP) clients to connect. This greatly reduces the number of possible cheats.
  19. - Loadout presets, a new kickass feature, and a huge timesaver. It's between items & chat in loadout.
  20. - Improved clientside performance and loading speed, up to 25-50% each, depending on your configuration.
  21. - Enemy units now show a flashing yellow indiccator when buffed by their commander, and red otherwise.
  22. - NPCs will no longer get "stuck" because of underground buildings their pathfinding algorithm used to ignore.
  23. - Handles long server frames better; fixed virtual packetloss for 50+ clients servers.
  24. - Slightly improved character brightness; limited (can't be pure black).
  25. - Highly polished GUI rework and a completely new options menu by WhiteDwarf.
  26. - Other fixed cheats include the possibility of zooming with any weapon and changing cheat-protected cvars by going in devworld first.
  27. - Improved the camtiltx code; the skies, the sun, and other graphical element truly makes for a much more immersive experience when commanding.
  28. - New rotation system, more random and flexible, allowing for fairer games on more appropriate maps. Refer to the "New Map Rotation System" thread.
  29. - If you disconnect from a server, your stats/gold will now be given back to you when you reconnect. If you were very low on health, you’ll get one more death if you reconnect to the server.
  30. - Improved chatbox: won't cut your text or have very short lines anymore. Also won't cut ^clan^ commands (which would prevent the clanicons to be displayed properly)
  31. - All new requesting system, now more serverside allows for blazing fast speed when requesting; most of the time, it’s just as fast as buying an item with your own gold!
  32. - Terrain shimmering has been fixed on all present and future maps by reducing the resolution of the affected textures.
  33. - Commander building previews for all nearby players, actually shows the commander moving & rotating the real building in realtime with a beautiful and animated texture.
  34. - Colored armors at lv13, 17, 21 and 25, classy & good looking! Also nice so you know when a particularly difficult foe is coming for you.
  35. - The camera code has been improved; you’ll never get “inside” objects or terrain again. This is also used at the endgame awards screen (use cl_betterCamera 0 to disable the new camera)
  36. - The sacrifice item & effect will now be displayed on the correct player, and the effect has been slightly improved.
  37. - The scrollwheel now works for menus and scrollbuffers.
  38. - Dynamic clanicon loading; Significantly improved serverlist.
  39. - It's no longer possible to place buildings over flags to "secure" them.
  40. - Workers now return whatever stone they have on them when the mine is depleted.
  41. - Spectators can see their location on the map, as well as the one of all nearby units. This is indicated as yellow for Team 1 and red for Team 2.
  42. - Repair costs are no longer semi-random due to bad rounding; defaults to 50% of the building’s normal cost, but it's configurable.
  43. - The glow filter intensity is now user-configurable by cl_playerGlowIntensity, as well as per-map configurable via other variables so it could not be used at night.
  44. - Commanders can choose not to select workers by pressing ALT.
  45. - Relocaters are now removed from your inventory when destroyed and no longer usable.
  46. - The "commander keybind loss" bug is now REALLY fixed.
  47. - 3 teams mode, now practically bugfree. A serious twist indeed!
  48. - Tens of small new features, including console copy/paste, teamscores, and more.
  49. - A setting has been added to force the server to stay in warmup mode until both teams have a commander
  50. - Healing of items, including sensors, now works correctly; States will no longer remain after death.
  51. - Commanders can now give towers a target and tell them what to attack.
  52. - Wait time after having died so you don’t get out of your corpse by mistake using your jump key.
  53. - The player arrow on the minimap can now be resized. The setting is in options, in the same section as the video settings.
  54. - The "viewpoint after death" when you were a siege unit is no longer bugged.
  55. - You may now set “building waypoints”; those are basically rally points so that all NPCs spawning from it will go to this location. Right click when a building is selected to set the waypoint.
  56. - Scrollable endgame awards screen, making all the additionnal SEP awards possible!
  57. - A bug has been fixed that caused problems with radius damage (Such as sacrifice/demo packs). Before this point, if anyone had "splash damage protection" and was in the radius damage area, all buildings and all clients with a client # higher than the person with protection would take NO damage.
  58. - Fixed the read from s2z problem in the editor.
  59. - The commander can now properly scroll up to the farthest borders of the map.
  60. - Summ/Medics will spawn without mana in order to reduce spawn camping; they were beefed up besides that though!
  61. - Foundation of the auto-updater code, efficient & easy-to-use textfile implementation of updates.
  62. - New and rethinked auto-accept GUI gives great flexibility and easy-of-use for commanders (see attached PDF)
  63. - The "maps" list when selecting a map as a ref or when hosting a game now scrolls as you move your mouse around it!
  64. - Massively improved queue system, allowing for research items to be queued and coherently stopped; the GUI will now let you see up to 7 queued items, and it takes a bit less bandwidth.
  65. - New hitbox, allowing you to hit people on top of you with melee when aiming up, but not otherwise.
  66. - Added the possibility for maps to have high-resolution terrain. Try "increase_detail 4" in the editor.
  67. - Support for commanders to see the ammo in the players’ inventory (GUI).
  68. - Officers now display a flag beside their name in the score screen.
  69. - Fixed random/chain gateway; Fixed the underground buildings exploit.
  70. - TONS of small GUI improvements, including but not limited to: shows the minimap of the current map even for non-refs, commander chat buffer, and so on.
  71. - Endgame award screen cursor/GUI/... is now always displayed properly.
  72. - Improved precision (there were tons of rounding errors); not a big deal, but it might still be a small help. The correct crosshair will also be used when spectating.
  73. - Voicechat will now work correctly on AZERTY keyboards. Also, the numpad seems to be recognized more correctly in a few cases.
  74. - Kill and “ready” notifications will no longer be shown in the lobby during warmup and gamesetup, so that you can concentrate on the commander’s orders.
  75. - It's now always possible to enter a building even if near other ones.
  76. - Shift + Right clicking on a location or object results in giving that waypoint to ALL of your team’s players (also known as “mass waypointing”)
  77. - Backup code/system when the S2 serverlist is down, so you could play the game even if they didn't pay for that anymore.
  78. - Improved pathfinding: workers won't get stuck anywhere as much as before. Check out the SW of losthills for a good example of this improvement.
  79. - Right clicking for scrollable menus (example: maplist) will close the menu and put the old selection back (won’t apply the command; useful for refs opening the menu, so they aren’t FORCED to change the map...)
  80. - Fixed the “never reload” system when going on demo servers.
  81. - Officers got an option to send an order to attack/repair/etc. the last targetted object, which makes aiming easier and the whole officer system more useful. Also added a /demoteofficer command for officers if they just want to be normal players for whatever reason.
  82. - "Toggle auto-attack" feature (nice for repairing).
  83. - Slightly reduced commander selection bandwidth consumption.
  84. - Quitting when a (negative) vote is in progress about you means you will be kicked from the server.
  85. - Gold earned & gold spent now work correctly; requesting gold used to increase your gold earned stat, and spending/reselling used to massively increase both of those stats.
  86. - Option to see the chatter's unit as [type tier] (ex: U2 = Savage)
  87. - Removed the newbie, most orders given and enterpreneur awards; added the “best miner”, “Capitalist (gold earned-gold spent)” and “Survivor (most kills in a row)” awards.
  88. - Added scrolling for commander demos.
  89. - Revamped award screen; 3 new awards (mostly at the ex-EX2 users' request), and the awards are now color-coded.
  90. - Highly featured Team Status GUI (not editor).
  91. - Fixed dissappearing objects, blankmap initial lighting and the stronghold bug.
  92. - New “setup minimap screenshot” command, for faster & better minimaps.
  93. - Recreated blankmaps to fix a few problems.
  94. - One button push set flatten height.
  95. - Added a shuffle option for godrefs.
  96. - Slightly improved goodie bag code, not getting stuck as much and not being able to pick the goodie bags of the players you didn't kill for the first 2.5 seconds.
  97. - Buddy arrow for friends to always be displayed on your minimap (/addbuddy, try /cmdlist buddy for more); this will be saved even if you quit the game.
  98. - Certain votes will now automatically stop when entering certain game status modes (impeach/time/concede for example), as this could create problems (example: 10 minutes long warmup); also the list won't display votes not callable at this time.
  99. - Butterfly AI improved as well as other misc. things regarding them.
  100. - You can't get back in comm for 60s if you resign while an impeach vote is going about you.
  101. - F3 (or whatever your ready key is) will now hide the vote panel too IF you already voted.
  102. - New cvar allowing for you to spawn at the other team's spawnpoints during gamesetup/warmup.
  103. - New ignore related features: /ignoreall, /unignoreall and /ignorelist; fixed ignore for voicechat & in other cases.
  104. - Commanders can now auto-deny requests of specific players; the option is in the scoreboard.
  105. - Optional chatbox timestamping, useful to easily notice when the game is nearly over, or you can set it to local time so don't get caught behind the computer screen at 2AM again! ;)
  106. - Fixed behemoth (and other units') animations not always working properly after having been wounded; it's now always possible to see when they're attacking you.
  107. - Death animations of objects popping into view no longer play, as they should – also, the workers’ idle animation begin time is now random (which, imo, looks better)
  108. - You can see who placed a sensor, relocater or landmine now; not 100% accurate on non-SEP servers when people disconnect.
  109. - Added "draw", "even teams" and "shuffle" votes.
  110. - Sun rays/flare alpha reduced so it doesn't blind so much anymore; default shadow range increased. Also fixed a slight bug with shadows going “poof” at midnight and noon.
  111. - Fun and useless little variables: cl_yellowme (makes it easier to find yourself in big userlists), cl_showping and cl_showaltitude.
  112. - Fixed the "you must wait 60 seconds before voting" message when the game has just started (still at 5 seconds to prevent abusing though).
  113. - Sacrifice sounds will no longer play at the endgame screen; workers/NPCs won’t be visible; the camera will no longer go “inside” the stronghold for 2 seconds when changing the map.
  114. - Better support for giveexp and added a nifty setexp command
  115. - Commanders can “slap” players if they are getting on their nerves (use /slap)
  116. - Optimized the exclusion code for higher server performance, as well as the Fog Of War implementation