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[edit] SEP

variable name default value description
sv_wantedObjectFiles "SEP-3/" Used to ask for a specific mod's files and tell the client we use those. For example "SEP-3//" for the SEP-3 balance settings.
sv_allowGuestReferee 2 This command has been fixed; 0 = no guest referee at all, 1 = we always need a guest referee, 2 = Can only vote guest referees.
sv_logRefCommands 1 Logs all referee commands and their result to the "logref" file.
sv_unrefPassword unset When entered through /refpwd, all referee priviledges are cancelled.
sv_refereePassword unset Password for normal referees (no slay, no kick, no mute)
sv_refGodPassword unset Password for god referees, no power limitation.
sv_allowPowerupRequests -1 Are buff requests authorized? best option is -1 (only potentially approved if the energy pool is full)
sv_allowPromoteRequests 0 Are officer requests authorized?
sv_allowBuildRequests 0 Are building requests authorized?
sv_allowMoneyRequests 2 Are money requests authorized?
sv_forceSEP 0 Should non-SEP clients be prevented from playing on this server? (negative values = SEP clients not accepted)
sv_waitForCommander 1 Should we prevent games from starting before both teams have a commander?
sv_team3race Race of the third team in 3 teams mode
sv_chatFloodInterval 5 Time in seconds after which the number of consecutive messages is reset (From S2)
sv_chatFloodCount 10 How many consecutive times can someone type before the flooding system mutes him? (From S2)
sv_chatFloodPenaltyTime 10 For how many seconds does the offender get muted? (from S2)
sv_chatCommFloodCount 15 How many consecutive times can a commander type before the flooding system mutes him?
sv_killRespawnTime 1 Multiplier for the respawn time of people using /kill; value between 1 and 2.
sv_killGoldLost 1 Multiplier for the amount of gold lost for people using /kill
sv_minAwardTime 45000 Minimum ingame time before someone can get an award
sv_npcfallmult 1 Multiplier for NPC fall damage; when fall damage is activated
sv_minfall 10 Minimum HP lost for fall damage to affect the player
sv_puremethod 0) System to force pure DLLs only to be able to connect. Set at 1 for a simple version, and 2 for a much much harder to crack one. Future versions of SEP may add new versions of the system.
sv_meleeonly 0 If enabled, all non-melee weapons will be removed from the player's inventory before spawning.
sv_itemShowOwner 1 If at 0, items do not show their owner
sv_repairMult 1 Multiplier to the standard repair costs (at 1, it's the same as the price of the building)
sv_maxPing 0 If enabled, maximum ping allowed on the server. Pings above this will be kicked. I suggest VERY high values (600+) if you want to use this. It has been reported that very high pingers (900+) could cause overall serverlag, I'm not entirely sure to what extent, but this is why this option has been made.
sv_maxPingTimeout 60000 How much time, in ms, the ping has to remain above the maximum ping value for the person to be kicked.
sv_maxPingWarning 2500 Time after which a warning is given to the user. A second warning at midtime will also be given.
sv_distributeGold 0 When the team gold is above 50K, should the extra gold be distributed evenly to the team? (bandwidth expensive, not suggested)
sv_giveOverflowToTeam 1 If a player's gold is capped, should the overflow go to the team? (bandwidth free)
sv_infinitegold 0 Both teams will have infinite gold, and requests for weapons/units/items will always be approved.
sv_teamDamage 0 Team damage, activated or not.
sv_teamDamagePercent 100 Percentage of the damage dealt to team members.
sv_NonSEPSpamFrequency 42500 Time in milliseconds between SEP promotional messages to non-SEP users. This time is always higher for promoting to EX2 clients. Best way to disable this is to put it at 9999999.
(Should these do team damage? Only used if sv_teamDamage also is.
sv_allowWarmupTeamKill 1 Use the standard "let us kill everyone during warmup" system?
sv_allowWarmupAllSpawnLocs 0 When at 1, players may spawn at both team's spawn locations during warmup & gamesetup.
sv_noCommanderBuffs 2 Buff behaviour when there is no commander. 0 = auto-decline, 1 = auto-approve, 2 = auto-approve for officers, decline for others.
sv_newCommanderBuffs 1 Buff behaviour for non-SEP commanders. See above.
sv_logScripting Log buff requests & misc. other things. A value of 1 would log it in /savage/game/scriptinglog and 2 would also display it in the chatbox for everyone to see. Useful for clanmatches in leagues/ladders that don't allow buff requests, but not suggested on public servers.
sv_runningVoteTime 0 "Running vote" system; if someone votes, the max time increases back to X if it's lower than X. Not well tested. If you want to use it anyway, around 5000 is suggested.
sv_allowElectVotes 1 Allow the new elect votes.
sv_allowDrawVotes 1 Allow the new draw votes.
sv_allowShuffleVotes 1 Allow the new shuffle votes.
sv_fixHitboxBug 1 If enabled, this uses our new hitbox, where you need to look up to hit things over you and down to hit things down under you. The standard S2 hitbox is quite... weird, for several reasons, and using this might thus be a good idea.
sv_adjustHitbox 0 By how much the hitbox is increased over you. Old fix, not suggested. It could be used to remove headjumping without the new hitbox though; 2-3 would be a fair guess then.
sv_enableTithe 0 Should commanders be able to reduce/increase their team's tithe (=taxes) at wish?
g_maxofficers 3 Maximum officers
g_clientsperofficer 5 Clients needed for each officer
sv_ctfTime 80 Time used for winning in CTF games
sv_allowAllBuildAngles 1 If disabled, only buildings with angles of 0, 90, 180 or 270 are accepted.
sv_commanderNoRespawn 1 Allow people with an active respawn timer to grab the commander seat.
p_newStuckCode 1 Use a few new lines of physics code to prevent people from getting stuck.
p_specspeed 1 Changes the movement speed of freefly spectators (this is a multiplicater)
sv_allowPausing Allow admins to pause the game, and make pause votes possible.
sv_allowPauseVotes Allow the new pause vote (requires sv_allowPausing)
sv_allowUnpauseVotes Allow the new pause vote
sv_autopause Automatically pause the game (when not in the engame/warmup) if someone disconnects/crashes (useful for clan matches)
sv_allowSlapping Allow commanders to /slap players

[edit] Note

For all sv_allow* votes, a value of 0 will disallow them, 1 will allow them, and 2 will allow them ONLY during the endgame (award screen).

[edit] Duel sustem

variable name default value description
sv_duelserver 0 Is this a duel server? If 0, all variables below are useless
sv_duelmaxexp 1 1 = all players act as if they were lv99 (doesn't show). 0 = As if they were lv0.
sv_duelautoheal 1 Do players auto-heal at duel start?
sv_duelautoress 1 Do players auto-ress when they die on a duel server, unless they killed themselves?
sv_duelcanforfeit 1 Can players forfeit? (see below)
sv_duelforfeitmintime 20000 How much time before players can request for a time-out/forfeit by pressing F on the ground?
sv_allowNonDuels 1 Is the FFA mode allowed?
sv_duelsounds 1 Times at which warnings sounds are given on duel servers. 1 = On duel start. 2 = On challenge too. 3 = On reminders too
sv_duelcomp Readonly, sets whether we are in duelcomp mode. Will be set to one when playing on a duel competition map.
sv_beginsignup 30000 Time in ms at which the signup spamming begins.
sv_respamsignup 1 How many times we should respam signup info.
sv_endsignup 120000 When does the duel comp start? (120000 would be 90 seconds after the initial signup spam if sv_beginsignup is at 30000)
sv_forcedrounds 2 How many rounds where the race switch automatically? 2 = 4, because you got one for each player.
sv_ucrounds 1 How many rounds where the user's wanted team determines his race and unit?
sv_firstduelstarttime 240000 How much time does someone have to respond to the first round of a duel before being timed-out?
sv_duelstarttime 120000 See above, used for all rounds but the first.
sv_roundmaxlength 400000 Maximum length in ms of a round before the person with the lowest HP gets timed-out (if both have the same HP, both will be timed-out)
sv_duelbreaktime 4000 Time between rounds. No reason to change that IMO.
sv_maxnoduelresponse 2 How many times can someone get timed-out before they are eliminated from the competition?
sv_duelmaxmore 1 In certain cases, someone who won a lot of duels will have to duel someone who won few if any; this determines how many more levels the person can have and still have this duel considered as a win.
sv_duelmaxgain 2 Same thing, but the other way around; if you win against someone with more duels won, you can theorically get up to his level (not 1 above like if he's the same level as you are); but this is the limit of how many levels you can gain in that case.
sv_dueluseglobal 0 Can spectators use the global chat? If 0, it automatically becomes team chat so it won't distract the duellers.
sv_duelrefuseglobal 1 Same as above but for referees.
sv_duelteam1unit "human_nomad" The unit for team 1; it HAS to be the same race as the team's race unless you want to get in bigtime trouble.
sv_duelteam2unit "human_nomad" See above.
sv_duelteam1weapona to sv_duelteam2weaponc unset Starting weapons/items of the duellers
sv_duelwaypoints 0 Give a waypoint to the person you've challenged. Kinda useless but eh.

[edit] Frenzy mode

variable name default value description
sv_frenzyNeededStone 4000 How much resource you need for winning.
sv_frenzyResouce "stone" Frenzy defaults to needing stone, but you could use another resource. All text will be changed as needed.
Percentage of the total needed to hit tech milestones
sv_frenzyStartLevel 2 Level players start at in frenzy mode.
Units researched at misc. tech milestones
Weapons researched at misc. tech milestones
sv_frenzyRespawnTime Maximum respawn timer length when in a frenzy gametype.

[edit] Sep masterserver

variable name default value description
sv_sendStatsSEP 1 Should we send stats to our new stats server?
sv_sendSpecialCoreCharacters 1 Legacy.
sv_authserver 1183.142.226.16 IP of the auth server; don't change this
sv_authserverport 14377 Port of the auth server; don't change this