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[edit] Deadlock

Image:deadlock2.jpg A small map under a perpetual sunset with 5 gold mines and many chokepoints. Major battles tend to break out not only in the center but also around the western and eastern gold mines. There are two scars: one to the northwest and the other to the southeast. Thunderstorms randomly occur on this map, though the only effects are the graphics and sound effects.

[edit] Hellpeak

Image:hellpeak.jpg A medium-sized snowy map with 6 gold mines. This is a fairly open map, with the more expensive mines in low-lying regions to the southeast and northwest, and bases in elevated locations to the north and south. There is only one scar which, oddly enough, has no NPCs guarding it.

A lone snowman overlooks the beast's lair from his igloo on the ridge just south of the northern base.

[edit] Crossroads

Image:crossroads.jpg A whopping great map with 7 gold mines. Based on the original Crossroads map in Savage 1, any veteran of the previous game will experience deja vu here. The eastern and western regions are elevated and possess both gold mines and scars, making them valuable locations to control.

Although being actively used during testing, this map is still under development and will likely see a few more changes in the near-future (like an update to the slightly-inaccurate picture to the left.)

[edit] Eden

Image:S2_Eden.jpg Yet another map that was transfered from Savage 1 to Savage 2. It has 5 gold mines and 2 scars lacking guardians. Due to its small size, intense battles focused around control of the center tend to break out early in the game. Also due to its small size, Clockwork Eyes and Sentry Hawks are just that much more powerful, being able to reveal a larger percentage of the map.

Since controlling the center offers many more options, losing control of the center can spell a team's doom.

[edit] Lost Valley


[edit] Morning