S2 Human Units Special Abilities

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'Overview' This is a list of the Legion of Man's Special Abilities. Showing each units aspect of what it can do. giving a small description about each move. In Savage 2 every Unit has a different style of attack for different situations.


[edit] Siege Units

[edit] Steambuchet

Stone Bombardment

Image:Sa_steamb_a4.jpg Quick firing, low damage siege attack with long range.

Fire Bombardment

Image:Sa_steamb_a3.jpg Slower firing, high damage, massive splash damage attack. Lower range than stone.

Steam Boost

Image:Sa_steamb_a1.jpg Increases the Steambuchet's speed by 50% for 20 seconds


Image:Sa_steamb_a2.jpg Self destructs allowing a player character to emerge as a builder. Your hp is proportional to the hp you had as a siege.

[edit] Battering Ram


Image:Sa_ram_a1.jpg Surrounds the Battering Ram in flames damaging any close units

Steam Boost

Image:Sa_steamb_a1.jpg Increases the Battering Ram's speed by 50% for 20 seconds


Image:Sa_ram_a2.jpg Self destructs allowing a player character to emerge as a builder. Your hp is proportional to the hp you had as a siege.

[edit] Combat Units

[edit] Legionnaire


Image:Sa_lego_a1.jpg Employing a massive battle axe, the lego deals with high damage but swings slowly

Grenade Launcher

Image:Sa_lego_a6.jpg Lobs glass orbs filled with explosive green goo

Rocket Launcher

Image:Sa_lego_a7.jpg Launches an accurate high power tube of goo


Image:Sa_lego_a2.jpg Increases the health regeneration rate by 50% for 30 seconds


Image:Sa_lego_a3.jpg Returns 30% melee damage using unique block abilities for 30 seconds


Image:Sa_lego_a4.jpg Uses the end of his axe handle to deal 100 damage and stun for 3 seconds

Whirling Blade

Image:Sa_lego_a5.jpg Swings his axe 360 desgrees damaging all nearby units around the lego

[edit] Savage


Image:Sa_savage_a1.jpg Two long swords are the weapon of choice for close combat

Auto Bow

Image:Sa_savage_a2.jpg Shoots small arrows rapidly like a machine gun


Image:Sa_savage_a3.jpg Inaccurately shoots metal fragments automatically and quickly

Critical Strike

Image:Sa_savage_a4.jpg A special attack that causes massive bleeding and 150% damage over 10 seconds

Double Attack

Image:Sa_savage_a5.jpg making use of both swords, the savage doubles his attack damage


Image:Sa_savage_a6.jpg Increases all regeneration rates by 10% for 30 seconds


Image:Sa_savage_a7.jpg Makes the savage attack 50% faster while taking 20% more damage

[edit] Scout


Image:Sa_scout_a1.jpg Employing two surgically sharp blades the scout is deadly at close range


Image:Sa_scout_a2.jpg A traditional arrow shooting weapon with limited range


Image:Sa_scout_a4.jpg A very powerful and accurate long range bow for sniping

Back Stab

Image:Sa_scout_a3.jpg If successfully executed to the back of an enemy, deals 400 damage

Electrical Eye

Image:Sa_scout_a51.jpg A small device that tracks enemy units with a beacon beam

Feign Death

Image:Sa_scout_a61.jpg The scout fakes death to aviod unwanted confrontation


Image:Sa_scout_a17.jpg Camourflage is used to make it near impossible to be seen

[edit] Support Units

[edit] Builder


Image:Sa_builder_a2.jpg The builder makes good use of his hammer besides building or repairing

Semi Auto Rifle

Image:Sa_builder_a6.jpg A single shot fast shooting and powerful ranged weapon


Image:Sa_builder_a7.jpg Shoots a group of metal fragments that spread out over distance


Image:Sa_builder_a1.jpg Allows the placement and construction of all structures


Image:Sa_builder_a3.jpg High splash damage chemically filled glass spheres

Shield Generator

Image:Sa_builder_a4.jpg A small structure that repels 50% projectile damage

Supply Depot

Image:Sa_builder_a5.jpg A small structure that allows teammates to refill ammo

[edit] Chaplain


Image:Sa_chappy_a1.jpg For close range combat the Champlain employs use of his magical staff

Magic Ray

Image:Sa_chappy_a7.jpg Shoots a stream of magical energy with minor splash damage


Image:Sa_chappy_a2.jpg A massive direct damage spell that can only be cast upon hellbourne units

Group Heal

Image:Sa_chappy_a3.jpg An AoE healing spell that heals friendly units for 125hp


Image:Sa_chappy_a4.jpg A spell cast upon a friendly unit healing them for 100hp


Image:Sa_chappy_a5.jpg This spell is used to raise a fallen comrage from hands of death

Will of God

Image:Sa_chappy_a6.jpg An AoE spell that weakens enemy units armor by 100%