S2 Human Units

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[edit] Siege Units

Image:Human_steambuchet.GIF Steambuchet:

Able to reduce the largest fortifications to rubble, the Steambuchet is one of the two siege weapons for the Legions of Man. It can be upgraded to fire burning boulders.

Image:Human_battering_ram.GIF Battering Ram:

The ram thrusts a huge rounded piece of wood with a Behemoth Skull mounted on it towards enemy structures. It can go into a defensive mode and jet fire to protect itself.

[edit] Combat Units

Image:Human_legionnaire.GIF Legionnaire:

The Legionnaire is a heavy elite warrior. He yields a high splash damage ranged weaponry and strikes down his enemies close range with his 2 handed battle axe.

Image:Human_savage.GIF Savage:

The Savage is a no cost unit, yes he has the highest damage output of any character with special abilities like Critical Strike and Rage, he is one of the most feared units on the battlefield.

Image:Human_scout.GIF Scout:

Another no cost unit, the Scout is used for covert operations like sniping, recon and assassination. He has the ability of Feign death to go unnoticed allowing the use of Backstab.

[edit] Support Units

Image:Human_builder.GIF Builder:

Unlike Savage 1, in Savage 2 only one unit can build and repair buildings. The Builder can also repair siege units. He also offers support via Shield Generators and Supply Depots.

Image:Human_chaplain.GIF Chaplain:

A key to any successful push in Savage 2 is keeping your units alive and healthy. The Chappy accomplishes this with abilities like Heal, Group Heal, and resurrection.