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[edit] Overview

The Hellbourne are not really a race, but a unit that can be purchased after capturing control of the map "scar". Think of them as mercenaries and not as a real race. A few Hellbourne NPCs guard each scar and only by defeating them (with teamwork, of course) can you capture the scar and use it for your own purpose. The Hellbourne are very powerful units with a very large price tag. Also, the Hellbourne require souls to continue living and the lack of killing with hurt your HP.

The Hellbourne Unit
The Hellbourne Unit

[edit] History

The Hellbourne came about during the fall of mankind because of the widespread evil and greed that had engulfed the planet. Hells' Sovereign opened up the Hellsgate, ripping a tear into the Earth itself (referred to as a "scar"). From this scar, the Hellbourne came out and consumed all life until there was nothing left to consume and their power was lost. They went back into Hell and have been waiting for new life to corrupt itself again and for another opening to occur.

The modern day comes about and the humans and beasts are fighting with selfish intentions. There is a big story about Maliken and his corruption, but it is enough to know that he set up a huge battle between the beasts and humans that will shape who has the control over the land once and for all. The battle starts, but is soon interrupted by the re-opening of the scar that was thought to be long dormant in the middle of the battlefield. Hellbourne had come again to consume life.

[edit] Strategy

The Hellbourne units are powerful additions to both sides and will shape strategy just like mines do. Each map has a scar location that is guarded by some Hellbourne NPCs. You can capture the scar by killing all the of NPCs with whatever means necessary. Upon capturing, you can use the Hellbourne just like any other unit while you hold onto the scar. They have a pricey cost and should be used only when needed. Nothing has been determined about their skills yet, but I would expect them to be more powerful than foot units and just less powerful than siege units.

[edit] Souls

The biggest change with Hellbourne units is their desire for death and souls. As a Hellbourne unit, it does not pay to be idle because you loss health if you do not consume enough souls. A Hellbourne unit can effectively be killed by not allowing him to kill anybody with evasive tactics. However, a single extra soul can boost his health and allow him to do some serious damage.

Notice: There is not much information about the Hellbourne at this time, so much may have been revealed after this entry has been written.

--Pingu 05:47, 18 December 2006 (GMT)