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[edit] Overview

Hellbourne units are unlocked by building a Sacrificial Pit on an avaible "Scar". Before the Pit can be built, the Scar Protectors & Lieutenant must be destroyed. It will take a large group of higher level players to defeat those NPCs. This puts added importance on early game hunting to gain the necessary experience.

Hellbourne units are stronger then normal units, but slowly loose hp when on the field. They have to collect souls by killing enemies in order to preserve themselves.

[edit] Malphas

Image:Unit_malphas.jpg Bone, fire, and hatred compose the Malphai, lieutenants among Hell's host and scourges of the living. Armored against all manner of attack and wreathed with smoke and the stench of brimstone, these giants are the bane of the living races of Newerth. Few who have faced their burning swords have lived to tell the tale.

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Flaming Sword

Image:Malphas_A1.jpg Enormous and wrapped in fire, the Flame Sword of a Malphas is the symbol of its power and a tool of terrible destruction. No mortal blade can match its mettle.

[edit] Eruption

Image:Malphas_A2.jpg Summoning the magma and lava seething deep below the surface of Newerth, a Malphas can create a terrible Erruption that wreaks havoc on surrounding foes, stunning them for the duration of the explosion.

[edit] Tephra Wave

Image:Malphas_A3.jpg Through the dark art of the Tephra Wave, Malphai spread their burning essence into the surrounding earth, causing the water below to boil to extraordinary temperatures and burst from the ground as scalding steam.

[edit] Combustion

Image:Malphas_A4.jpg The Malphai ever seek sacrifices for the flames of Hell, and among their rituals for doing so is Combustion, a mighty spell that engulfs an enemy in persisting flames that slowly burn him.

[edit] Revenant

Image:Unit_revenant.jpg Cobbled from the bones and armor of fallen warriors, Revenants are bound together by their burning hatred of all life. The souls of the fallen fuel the flames of their sorcery, and through this dark magic the Revenants spread desolation across Newerth and feed ever more corpses into the pits of Hell.

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Hell Staff

Image:Revenant_A1.jpg Each Revenant wields a burning Hell Staff, forged in daemonic infernos and capable of inflicting burning agony on any mortal flesh it touches.

[edit] Scorch

Image:Revenant_A2.jpg Calling fourth hellfire the Revenant sends scortching lava at his enemies causing immediate damage and burning them over time.

[edit] Defile

Image:Revenant_A3.jpg Through an unholy ritual, Revenants can Defile the inner flesh of their foes, causing their organs to melt from within. Few mortals can withstand the massive damage that ensues.

[edit] Atrophy

Image:Revenant_A4.jpg] Among the most insidious of the Revanant's spells is its power to cause the very cells in a mortal's body to destroy themselves, leaving the target to Atrophy. So weakened, the victim is easy prey for further attacks.

[edit] Mortification

Image:Revenant_A5.jpg The numbing terror of a Revenant's presence can be amplified by daemonic magic, sowing confusion and partial paralysis among the victims of the Mortification.

[edit] Devourer

Image:Devourer.jpg The Devourer is an evil entity composed of the flesh of fallen warriors. The mere sight of this grotesque being strikes fear in his enemies. You can watch the agony of the captured souls' flesh as they beg to be released from the slimy gooey mass.

The Devourer is very satisfying to play. His melee Cleaver deals significant damage and upon consuming a corpse, gains additional ammo for his ranged weapon Rotten Flesh as well as using the flesh to gain size. The increased mass yields additional hit points and damage.

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Iron Cleaver

Image:devourer_A1N.jpg This is the main weapon of the Devourer dealing significant damage with a decent attack speed.

[edit] Gut Launcher

Image:devourer_A2N.jpg Using extra body parts, the devourer is capable of launching the guts and innards of his foes back at his enemies.

[edit] Vomit

Image:devourer_A2N.jpg The devourer vomits. Any players hit by the attack will take 125-140 damage and have their armor reduced to 50% of normal and take 7 damage per second for 10 seconds.

[edit] Rot

Image:devourer_A3N.jpg The Devourer releases pent up gases from decomposing flesh within his mass that damages him but is quite deadly to living tissue.

[edit] Devour Corpse

Image:devourer_A2N.jpg The devourer consumes an enemy corpse. Enemy player becomes unrevivable. With each corpse the devourer's health, health regen, damage, and size increase by 25%, maximum benefit is 75%. The buff effects decrease over time.