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Template:TOCright This is a list of the Beast Horde's Special Abilities. Showing each units aspect of what it can do. giving a small description about each move. In Savage 2 every Unit has a different style of attack for different situations.


[edit] Combat Units

[edit] The Shape Shifter


Image:Sa_shape_a1.jpg Up close combat is handled old school style using his fists to damage his foes


Image:Sa_shape_a2.jpg The Shape Shifter burrows below the surface to become undetectable

Lightning Strike


Lightning Strike

Image:S2_Lightning_Strike.jpg By channeling the same energies that enable them to transform their bodies, Shapeshifters can call down a Lightning Strike from the sky to char their foes.
Damage: 60-73
Mana: 50
Speed: 1700 ms


Image:Sa_shape_a4.jpg Allows the Shape Shifter to morph into an enemy unit


Image:Sa_shape_a5.jpg Turns the caster into a cheetah causing 50% faster movement speed


Image:Sa_shape_a6.jpg sprays a blinding mist into an opponents eyes


Image:Sa_shape_a7.jpg An AoE spell that explodes the caster, damaging nearby opponents

[edit] The Summoner


Image:Sa_summoner_a1.jpg The Summoner uses his staff for close range combat


Image:Sa_summoner_a2.jpg The Summoner calls forth a frantic swarm of locusts to attack his enemy

Summon Imp

Image:Sa_summoner_a3.jpg Summons a weak ranged pet to fight along side the caster

Summon Bearloth

Image:Sa_summoner_a4.jpg Summons a strong melee pet which helps the caster battle opponents

Heal Pet

Image:Sa_summoner_a5.jpg A spell is cast upon the Summoners pet healing it for up to 100hp


Image:Sa_summoner_a6.jpg Lowers the aggro of NPC characters of similar level to the caster

[edit] The Predator


Image:Sa_predator_a1.jpg The predator rips his opponents apart with his razor sharp claws

Pounce Attack

Image:Sa_predator_a2.jpg Quickly closes the distance to the target with his powerful attack


Image:Sa_predator_a3.jpg Launchers a powerful fireball at the opponent from distance


Image:Sa_predator_a4.jpg Decreases the opponents armor by 100% for a short period of time


Image:Sa_predator_a5.jpg The Predator is engulffed in rage, causing, and taking more damage


Image:Sa_predator_a6.jpg Attack that causes damage to an opponent and also heals the attacker


Image:Sa_predator_a7.jpg Poisons the target causing damage for 30 seconds

[edit] Support Units

[edit] The Conjurer


Image:Sa_conjurer_a1.jpg The Conjurer uses his hands and claws to tear into his opponents flesh

Venomous Spore

Image:Sa_conjurer_a2.jpg The conjurer ejects poisonous spores from his forearm

Frost Bolts

Image:Sa_conjurer_a3.jpg Using arcane power, the Conjurer generates high velocity freezing bolts.


Image:Sa_conjurer_a4.jpg Allows the placement and growth of all beast structures

Entangle Trap

Image:Sa_conjurer_a5.jpg An Etangle trap is a plant that the Conjurer uses to snare a passerby


Image:Sa_conjurer_a6.jpg A plant that grows into the air and attacks nearby enemies

Mole Summoner

Image:Sa_conjurer_a7.jpg Summons a small mole which repairs damaged buildings

[edit] The Shaman


Image:Sa_shaman_a1.jpg The Shaman uses his enormous hammer to smash opponents

Thorny Vines

Image:Sa_shaman_a2.jpg Vines grow from the ground around a targeted enemy to hold them in place

Mind Warp

Image:Sa_shaman_a3.jpg Confuses the casters enemy and incapacitates them


Image:Sa_shaman_a4.jpg Brings friendly units that have died back to life to continue fighting


Image:Sa_shaman_a5.jpg A spell is cast upon a friendly unit healing them for 100hp

Healing Ward

Image:Sa_shaman_a6.jpg Regenerates the health of nearby friendly units

Mana Ward

Image:Sa_shaman_a7.jpg Regenerates the mana of nearby friendly units

[edit] Siege Units

[edit] The Tempest

Push Back

Image:Sa_tempest_a1.jpg Uses forces of wind, the Tempest pushes enemies away

Weak Fireball

Image:Sa_tempest_a2.jpg A low damage fireball is quickly fired at opponents

Hail Storm

Image:Sa_tempest_a3.jpg An AoE attack that damages nearby enemy units in its range

Meteor Strike

Image:Sa_tempest_a4.jpg Rains down a meteor from the sky causing damage to enemy buildings


Image:Sa_tempest_a5.jpg The tempest turns into a ghostly form, which can't attack or be attacked

[edit] The Behemoth


Image:Sa_behemoth_a1.jpg An enormous tree trunk is wielded to smash opponents into the ground

Trunk Slam

Image:Sa_behemoth_a2.jpg A tree trunk is slammed to the ground causing AoE damage to oppenents

Log Sweep

Image:Sa_behemoth_a3.jpg A tree trunk is swung to knock down any nearby opponents


Image:Sa_behemoth_a4.jpg The Behemoth stops the ground. stunning nearby opponents for 5 sec.


Image:Sa_behemoth_a5.jpg Using his tree trunk the behemoth damages enemies in front of him