S2 Beast Buildings

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[edit] Lair

Image:Lair_icon.jpg This is the main Structure for the Beast Horde (also know as the command center). It is absolutely crucial that this building is protected at all times, as this building holds the game together. If this is destroyed then the team losses

[edit] Nexus

Image:Nexus_icon.jpg This building is required to research secondary magic for all the Beast Horde units. It is also necessary to have items available like Health Potions and Mana Rings, or to build Strata Spires.

[edit] Sublair

Image:Sub_lair_icon.jpg Strategic spawn and rearmament points are necessary to successfully level an enemy base. The Sublair provides players the ability to select a different unit, heal, and resupply without the need to travel back to the command center, also giving units quicker access and movement around the map.

[edit] Predator Den

Image:Pred_den_icon.jpg The fearful Predator is a vital part of any beast army, and requires a den to accomodate their addition to the Horde.

[edit] Strata Spire

Image:Strata_spire_icon.jpg Strata Spires summon botls of lightning to drive away the Horde's enemies. These spires provide deadly protection, setting them apart from their less violent counterparts.

[edit] Static Charge Spire

Image:Entangling_spire_icon.jpg Collects and stores powerful electrical energy from the sky, only to violently unleash the energy towards any enemies that dare come in range of the spire.

[edit] Chlorophylic Spire

Image:Chlorophilic_spire_icon.jpg This spire very quickly heals any nearby allied buildings. It must be destroyed for any assault on the horde's base to be successful.

[edit] Charm Shrine

Image:Charm_shrine_icon.jpg The key to victory in Savage 2 is to destroy the enemy command center. The only way to raze a building is with the use of siege units, which may be recruited to aid in the Horde's cause through the magic of a Charm Shrine. It is also a prerequisite for the Static Charge Spire.

[edit] Sanctuary

Image:Sanctuary_icon.jpg The Sanctuary is required to build the Shaman. Shaman are essential support units required for any successful push. The Sanctuary is also required for Shapeshifters to use the ability Polymorph, or to build Chlorophylic Spires.

[edit] Grove Mine

Image:Grove_mine_icon.jpg By driving its roots deep underground, a Grove Mine is capable of drawing up precious resources for the Horde.