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Note: This is originally posted from a S2Games forum post

If your looking for more resources on map making then you might want to check out www.evolvedclan.com

We have a 4 part mapping guide HERE on our forums including many resources and links in Part 1. (A downloadable version can be found HERE )

Plus icons for overheads HERE

Hope that helps.

Cheers DJ

Common Mapmaker's Controls

The following controls can be used with the Titanium and Tombstone map editors:

"W" - Forward "A" - Bank Left "S" - Backward "D" - Bank Right "R" - Bank Up "F" - Bank Down Wheel Up - Faster Forward Wheel Down - Faster Backward LMB - Object placement RMB - Object rotation Shift - (+LMB+Mousemove) Raise object; (+RM+Mousemove) Resize Object.

Basic Mapping Guidelines

Try to keep your map small - between 64x64 and 96x96. Dont worry if your map is already made, some map resizing programs exist, so you can resize your already-finished map.

Use Fog and Farclip - Sensible values are recommended. Existing Savage maps usually have decent fog and farclip values.

Test - It is necessary to test your map. Test worker pathing, make a practice base, make sure there are no glitches in building placement. Iron your map out for exploits.