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The Fall of Mankind

Early in the 21st century, prophecies of the end of man began to be widely accepted. The population of Earth was consumed with a deadly pandemic of an incurable flu virus, ravaging the world’s population. The planet itself was in a major state of upheaval, constantly shifting in unrest causing deadly earthquakes and hurricanes, wiping away coastal cities and their populations. However, not just disease and natural disasters conspired to cripple mankind. The planet’s main source of power quickly became scarce. Law and order ceased to exist causing a time of anarchy and chaos. The entire planet was consumed with murder, rape, and pillaging.

The Apocalypse of Evil

Once the gateway was opened, the Hellbourne were unleashed upon all living things. Nothing was safe from the endless appetite of the nightmares that consumed their flesh. Crippled by its own actions of greed, hate and corruption, Man tried to battle His armies. While the Hellbourne’s physical form was vulnerable to traditional weapons, mankind was no match for the strength of the Revenants and Malphai, two key components in the army of Hell. Millions upon millions were consumed by the hunger and might of the Hellbourne.

Hellbourne Perish

Years of unrelenting and torturous consumption left the Earth a barren wasteland. Like humans before them, it is this greedy consumption that proves to be the Hellbourne’s downfall. Life and the hate, greed, and evil that go along with it became scarce. Only after nearly all of Earth’s living flesh had been devoured did this evil scourge lose its power and perish in the land of the living. He and those that retreated back into Hell (before the gate was closed) await the day its food supply of hate, evil, and flesh will be replenished. Is this the universe balancing itself? One thing is sure, history will repeat itself!

Human Survivors

Despite the raw devastation left behind by the Hellbourne, pockets of life pepper the barren landscape. Life always seems to find a way. Small bands of nomadic humans struggle to survive in this seemingly dead world. With all technology lost, nothing resembling the past, and with only survival instincts to guide them, Mankind has been reduced to barbarians. They will remain like this for some time to come

Beast Evolution and Growing Threat

Millennia have passed. Man continued an endless struggle for mere survival. During this same period, the beasts of the world began to flourish. Shortly after the retreat of the Hellbourne, they began to evolve. Through the ages they developed a sense of self awareness, then logic, and the ability to communicate. The creatures of Newerth soon began to compete with the human tribes for land, food and other resources. They blamed the humans for the destruction of what was Earth. This trend continued for ages to come. Both sides grew larger and more formidable with time. However, they always lacked the key ingredient to a strong society: leadership and organization.

Man Under One Banner

As the human populations grew there was still a sense of distrust and uncertainty amongst the various nomadic tribes sprinkled through the vast lands of Newerth. They remained weak, never progressing, simply surviving Newerth.

Maliken Grimm, a great leader prophesized to end the suffering of mankind, grew tired of watching his fellow man suffer from the lack of even the simplest of life’s needs. He had a vision that all men would reside under one banner, one authority, one community. He also knew that by uniting his people and bringing together the most resourceful people he could create comforts and systems for fresh water, housing, clothing, food, and technology. With this in mind, he set out with a group of close friends to unite these tribes under the Legion of Man.


Maliken succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Most of the nomadic tribes of Newerth joined with him and his followers, forming the Legion of Man. With his leadership and organization, mankind began to dominate Newerth again. Capital Cities were formed, new technologies were discovered, and the shifting balance of power between man and beast shifted dramatically in man’s favor.


Future Leaders Emerge

Maliken and his wife, Sivila, gave birth to 2 children. First born was the boy, Jeraziah, rightful successor to Maliken’s throne. A few years later came their daughter Ophelia. It was apparent very quickly that she wielded a special bond with the creatures of Newerth. It was thought by many that it was this ability that would finally bring an end to the war with the Beasts. What little they knew...

Ophelia Leaves

Though Ophelia’s born ability to commune with nature is frowned upon by many she cannot suppress it. One moonlit night, feeling close to nature, Ophelia snuck off into the forest to be with her misunderstood friends. Her mother awakened to discover she was not in her bed. She called out to Maliken and Jeraziah “The beasts have taken Ophelia!”. They quickly gathered a search party and set forth to find her. After a short time they found her among the beasts. Assuming she was kidnapped, the situation quickly escalated into viscous battle. Despite the cries from Ophelia, Jeraziah and his men killed all of the beasts. Ophelia stood in shock, covered in blood, after witnessing the total carnage. She cried “why…how could you!” and ran deeper into the forest. Jeraziah, injured from battle and angry at his ungrateful sister, commanded that she not be followed. They believed her to be dead.


The Beginning of the Horde

A decade after Ophelia fled the safety of the Capital City beast attacks grew in numbers and ferocity. Not only were the attacks more often but much more organized. It was apparent that these aggressions were becoming less random and more calculated. While many of the people speculated as to the source of this leadership, no one had evidence to support their claims. After a victorious skirmish, the Legion found a banner from their enemy. This was proof positive that these were not just aggressive animals attacking humans out of fear, these creatures had formed an alliance known as the Beast Horde.

Expansion of the Legion

With the Horde’s attacks mounting, the Legion’s once powerful grip on Newerth began to slip. Maliken knew what must be done; the existing Legion of Man was not enough. All the remaining tribes must be united to ensure Man’s continued survival. He must set forth to uncharted territories, which even he had never seen, to bring the tribes into the Legion. All through winter he trained and prepared for this perilous journey. When spring arrived he, along with 6 of his best men, set forth to convince the remaining humans to join forces under his banner.

He sought out and brought back the fabled mighty Legionnaires, said to live high in the Morgtok Mountatain range. As well he met with the Marksmans, deep within the forests of Altair, and won them to the Legion’s cause. They traveled great distances and encountered many trials and tribulationsand men were lost. However, these hardships were not in vain. Maliken’s true leadership had succeeded in fusing these once divided tribes and once again, the balance of power in Newerth shifted.


Maliken - A Tortured Soul

While in regions unknown to the members of the Legion of Man, Maliken and his entourage exit a vast forest. It is on this ridge they see a great valley. In the middle of this valley is a “Scar” on the land. It is described as Scar because it appears that the soil was once injured and healed overtime, much like a deep cut wound on human flesh. On top of the distant ridge across the great valley they saw a village. This village had been there for years, with each passing generation of their population growing more feeble, insane, and evil.


Maliken entered the village asking to speak to their leader. He was brought to their witch doctor, a broken old man who was said to have lived for nearly 3000 years. While alert to the unnatural danger that was clearly present in this place, he was also very intrigued by what possessed its people. After only a few days and nights with the witchdoctor, Maliken changed. He grew cynical and snide towards things he was once passionate about. Evil’s control grew and grew until, the hold this gypsy had on him became strong enough to convince him to kill his most trusted men. The gypsy convinced Maliken that his men were going to kill him to gain control of his vast empire. This heinous act pushed Maliken fully into His hands. The stage was now set for a series of events that would forever change Newerth, The Legion of Man, and The Beast Horde.


Once Great - Now Broken

The silhouette of a broken man appeared amidst the Capital City’s colossal gates. The great Maliken Grimm had returned. At first, there was wild celebration amoung his people. Yet they soon saw that Maliken was changed. He was but a shadow of his former self; broken and demented with sunken eyes. His new appearance frightened his people. His behavior mimics his terrifying appearance. The people soon became demoralized and lost faith in Maliken’s leadership. The Legion of Man needed a new leader to survive.

Maliken Names Jeraziah Leader

In what many considered being his last good deed, Maliken named Jeraziah the King of the Legion of Man and left the great Capital City. Even though the evil that gripped his soul was controlling most of his actions, Maliken knew he had to relinquish his leadership of the Legion to his son. He believed that his profound desire to see Man survive and his love for his son was deeper than his master’s manipulation. He was wrong. What Maliken thought to be a struggling act of character and integrity were perfectly planned plots for future calamitous events.


The Beast Queen Identified

In the largest, most organized beast assault on the Legion of Man, the humans noticed a young, caped woman holding a staff at the top of a ridge. It was the first sighting of the possible leader behind the Beast Horde and it was imperative they identify her. Jeraziah quickly ordered scouts to get a better look. They returned with shocking news. Jeraziah’s sister, Ophelia, thought to be ravaged by beasts, was leading their crusade against the Legion. The Horde now had a face, unfortunately it didn’t make Jeraziah’s job of destroying them any easier. Ophelia continued to prove to be Jeraziah’s equal as a commander and the ongoing war between the humans and beasts continued unabated.

A Father's Deception

Though some good still remained deep with Maliken, his poisoned and corrupt soul told him to visit his children in deep sleep. Using his dark magic he entered the dreams of Ophelia and Jeraziah. He appeared to both his children as the kind loving father he once had been to them. Deeply set in their memory he explained his turmoil over the danger they faced during those bloody times. Their father explained to them how the war could be ended and how victory could be theirs. The following morning both children awoke with the understanding that if they marched their armies to the field of Scar they would have the upper hand in battle. He had convinced them each that a final, climatic battle would lead them to ultimate victory.

The Battle Was Set

The sun rose to the east bringing light to Scar. To the North camped the warriors of the Legion and to the South were the ravenous beasts of the Horde. Both armies arrived the night before, as instructed by Maliken. It was here that Ophelia and Jeraziah were assured victory. What they didn’t know, was that they were merely pawns in their father’s scheme to carry forth his master’s plot and reign hell upon Earth once again.


Reign of Hell Once Again

As the sun rose over Scar, the clanking of armor and heavy breath of man could be heard as they prepared themselves for battle. Across the field howls of battle and snarls of determination filled the air as the beasts roused themselves for the coming slaughter. The final assault for dominance was about to begin on a great battlefield only known as Scar. The bloodshed shall soon begin!

A last hush fell over the field of battle. Then, a shattering roar as the armies came together in a titanic clash of blood and death. After hours of battle a final blow was struck which would mean loss for both battered armies. The spilling of so much innocent blood and hatred on this piece of Scarred land was enough to weaken the fabric between Earth and Hell once again. The ground shook causing a halt to the ensuing skirmishes. A once bright morning was now darkened by a black cloud. A bright eerie light shone through the scar of the land. An opening began to tear through once solid soil. The vegetation began to wither and die as the breach opened further. Soon the battlefield was split by a gapping hole to Hell. The conflict for dominance had sparked a new fight for survival. It was no longer man versus beast as the forgotten enemy of the Hellbourne was once again unleashed to feed on the flesh of the living.