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The commander can promote a few people on his team to officers. They can give commands to their fellow players with the officer command key. Officers also radiate a healing aura. Teammates near an officer and the officer himself have improved health regeneration.

Only a few people on each team can be officer. The commander has to choose them with care. Good players can turn into great players when officer. It can also greatly help to mark targets, so the siege units can more easily bring it down or to get focussed fire on an enemy. Being marked by an officer nearly completely negates the mist shroud effect.

If you want to be selected as an officer, you should demonstrate either a high level of skill, or a strong record of following orders. Communication between commander and his officers is key to victory, as attacks can be co-ordinated. As a commander, assigning different officers to different areas of the map is often a way to get the most out of them, whilst making them happy.

Commanders remember good officers and officers remember a good commander.