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[edit] General Definition

Shortened form of "newbie," the most hilarious insult ever invented, in which a person who uses a computer game too much is ridiculing one who does not, for being "new" at the game, which of course they once were. Generally speaking, the speaker of this "insult" is one who should be on the receiving end of most insults. Commonly found in allegiance with "1337$1'331<," or "leetspeak," the accepted language of computer gaming geeks which takes a ludicrous amount of time to type.

(A good deal of this definition is opinionated, given. But the definition still resides within.)

Stolen from Urban Dictionary

[edit] Characteristics in Savage

Noobs love to farm monkits and chiprels. They usually don't serve much of a pourpose.

[edit] Types of Players

Stolen from (V)Storm from the S2Games forums

Being a very experienced commander, I've come across quite a few types of players in addition to the three listed in that tutorial. Here's my list :

[edit] Useless Newbie (Brainless)

This is the player who has absolutely no idea what he is doing. He usually runs around swinging randomly or buying random items/units and accomplishing absolutely nothing with them. You mostly see him in nomad with a gun and maybe a medpack if you're lucky. While useless, this player can be very effective in base defense because he just spams what he has randomly. And a good amount of the time that damage acutally hits something.

Communication : Very bad Intelligence : Low What to do with him : Just let him do whatever. Expect nothing.

[edit] Useless Newbie (Idiotic)

This type of useless newbie has a general idea of the game but has no concept of how to win it, or what his actions do. You usually see him freeswinging with a Legionaire (that doesn't have a relocator) or sitting in a catapult spamming random areas of the map. Like the Brainless however, he can be very effective in base defense as cannon fodder.

Communication : Very bad Intelligence : Low What to do with him : Just let him do whatever. Expect nothing. If your team is starved for gold however, take this player off auto-gold. It will help your better players who can make much more effective use of the gold.

[edit] Useless Newbie (Retarded)

This player is exactly the same as Idiotic, except he loves the MarksManBow and Chaplains. He loves it so much that he'll hop in commander and research it when you jump out. You can communicate with him, but usually it's impossible to try and make him understand logic.

Communication : Bad Intelligence : Low What to do with him : Kick-vote him as soon as he takes commander. He needs to understand what he is doing is unacceptable.

[edit] Useful Newbie

This guy sucks at melee and shooting, but he's pretty good at just about everything else. This player knows how to win the game through items and siege, and will effectively use both when asked to. He will powermine, build, lay sensors, scout, sac/demo, use siege, all when asked to. This player is also your best friend when your turtled base is under siege. He's essentially a worker controlled by a real person.

Communication : Very good Intelligence : High What to do with him : Build a powermine garrison/sublair at start, he loves to mine. He will repair towers and lay sensors as well. He is also excellent for scouting so get him to do that as well.

[edit] Average Player

This player has played Savage for a while, and has general knowledge on all aspects. He can block forward leaps but that's about it, don't even bother teaching him to backswing though. He's usually the first person to charge into battle and is good at kill stealing with ranged weapons. As far as usefulness he is essentially the Useful Newbie, except he's capable of killing things.

Communication : Very good Intelligence : Medium What to do with him : Just let him do whatever, he's trying to win no matter what he's doing.

[edit] Good Player

This is the level that you start seeing icons. This player knows Savage in and out, and will do what it takes to win. In addition to trying to win, this player is acceptional at killing other players and accomplishing tactical tasks such as forward garrisons/sublairs, sac/demo runs, and even destroying sheild towers. However, don't expect him to come out of a 2-3 on 1 alive.

Communication : Good Intelligence : High What to do with him : Make sure he has auto for gold and buffs, and paint whatever he's trying to destroy so he can destroy it.

[edit] Killwhore

You don't want too many of these, but it is effective to have a few. These are the players who pride themselves on being masters of the melee and ranged systems in Savage. They are insanely hard to kill and they think of their K/D ratio before anything else. These are usually the first players to blame the commander for a loss as well.

Communication : Medium Intelligence : Medium What to do with him : Make sure he has auto for gold and buffs. Just let him do whatever, chances are he's killing the Killwhores on the other team that noone else on your team is capable of killing, which is a VERY good thing.

[edit] Elite Savage Player

Take the Useful Newbie, the Good player, and the Killwhore. The mix of these 3 results in the Elite Savage Player. This player is very well aware of what is happening in the game and will assume any role that he believes is the best for winning the game (and he is very skilled in all of the roles). Sometimes he's killwhoring, sometimes he's siege camping, sometimes he's demo/sac running, and even sometimes he's repairing your sheild with a nomad. He is without a doubt one of the best players in savage and is both insanely hard to kill, and a very good team player.

Communication : Very good Intelligence : High What to do with him : Give him officer. Make sure he has full auto for gold and buffs.