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Template:TOCright Note: The official information can be found here. The zizard, wolf and gorgan are not used. The kongor is rarely used cause it's unfinished. What's listed here is the ingame experience.

The NPCs serve one purpose, to die. They are slaughtered for gold. Beast players can kill nearly any npc with carnivorous. Humans can use the free weapons to soften up most npcs before giving the final blow (incinerator). Grind them till you can buy a legionaire, cause legionaires can melee most of the npcs with ease, just stay out of their melee range and swing at them with the axe.


[edit] Working NPC (commonly encountered)

[edit] Chiprel

Image:chiprel.jpg Chiprels are small aggressive rocks throwing rodents that infest the land. All units can take out a chiprel in one melee swing with the exception of a Chaplain, but with their limited amount of loot and stamina/health recovery, it isn't worth going out of your way to kill them. They play more of a comedic role than anything else.

[edit] Oschore

Oschores are large grazing birds that live in flocks, and are easily angered if approached. Oschores are NPCs that can be very annoying at the beginning of the game. They only take two melee attacks from a scavenger or a nomad, however, because of their very fast retaliation swing, you will most likely get hurt before killing them and only being rewarded with a measly 300 gold. However, later in the game, they become very easy to kill, as a level 4 or above Savage or Stalker can kill them in one hit, and a Legionnaire or Predator can kill them in one shot regardless of level. Because of this, Predators use them as stationary stamina refueling if the predator is using rabid.

[edit] Monkit

Monkits are semi-intelligent primates that fight with simple spears, and are hostile to nearly all creatures unlike themselves.

They are essentially free gold, because of how easy they are to kill for any kind of player. To kill them, they require only 2 melee attacks from either a Nomad or a Scavenger. It also takes 2 swings from a Stalker or a Savage to kill them, and they are killed with one stroke by level 4 and higher Predators and Legionnaires. They give 600 gold which is very good for such a fast kill. However, they can be deadly to Nomads and Scavengers if they happen to attack you before you realize it. They are relatively aggressive, and will attack you pretty fast. If you see that they are going to throw an arrow at you when you are a human, block until you get close enough to it to melee it. NEVER try to shoot a monkit to death unless you have amazing aim, your attacks will almost never hit since they are very hard to hit when they are strafing. Because of their high accuracy and dodging abilities, new players are killed often by them even though they should have been an easy kill.

[edit] Gerkat

Gerkats are very fast moving feline carnivores that prey on large and small creatures. Out of all of the npcs , Gerkats are most likely the most annoying npcs to face in the beginning of the game, especially for beasts, because of their lack of blocks. They can kill a nomad or scavanger in about 4 shots, and because they are extremely aggressive and because the whole pack of 3 or more will attack you at the same time, you will most likely be killed if you attack them alone. The only part about them that makes them easy to kill is the fact that even though they will attack you originally at fast speeds, there is a delay time in between their attacks which allows you to attack four times before they attack again, which is enough to kill them.

[edit] Mudent

Mudents are half wild animal and half humanoid. They shun contact with all creatures, use primitive clubs, and are very strong for their size. However, because they are very slow and have a very small attack range, it is possible to melee them to death with either a Predator or a Legionnaire as long as you hit them with the very end of your axe/claw. It takes 5 melee hits from a Predator or Legionnaire to kill them.They have 1000hp.

[edit] Bearloth

Bearloths are strong and territorial creatures who often live in cold or secluded locations. They are covered with a thick fur, are very strong, and attack with ferocity.

[edit] Kongor

Kongors are the dominant predators of the Savage Age, a giant primate, capable of massive blows and trampling their enemies underfoot. Kongors look like they would be amazingly hard to kill, however, they will be. Their melee is bugged, but will be fixed in XR 1.0.

[edit] Bugged/incomplete NPC (rare)

[edit] Zizard

Zizards are dim witted, thick scaled omnivorous lizards that are often found bathing in the sun, or eating anything they can catch. Zizards are rarely seen on maps though, so the chances of even encountering one is low. They aren't really implemented ingame yet, tho plans are on having these little lizards in XR 1.0.

[edit] Wolf

Wolves are predator canines that live in packs and attack those who encroach upon their territory. However, Wolves were not added to the final game and are therefore never seen in game. XR may implement them, since they're really only gerkat with a skin change.

[edit] Gorgan

Gorgans are giant wild men who no longer resemble their human ancestors. They are immensely strong, hardy, and hostile to all creatures big and small. However, Gorgans were not added to the final game and are therefore never seen in game.

[edit] Hornman

There is no Image or a model file of the Hornman but it is in the code! It is a NPC that was never used in Savage and its only in the code and if you'll get changed from an admin to a npc_hornman you're just a shadow.

[edit] Hunched Beast

Just like the Hornman, there is no image or model file of the Hunched Beast, but it exists in the code and if you get changed to a npc_hunchedbeast you will be a shadow only, too.