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Image:human_weapon_MMbow.jpg Marksmanbow:

Often mistaken for a Tier 3 weapon. However unlike official tier 3 weapons (Coil,Pulse,Launcher) it can be obtained at level 2 Stronghold. Making it Tier 2. To research the Marksman's Bow, you need an arsenal, a level 2 stronghold, crossbow to be fully researched, and 400 redstone.

When used by itself it holds only 5 arrows, which are able to do 270 damage per building, or units. It's recommended that when used, always select ammo pack so you have 10 arrows to shoot, not five. This number will decrease once the ammo pack is removed from your inventory.

A Marksman's bow user would be wise to try and take cover, or hold a snipers position on the field away from direct view or battle. Either behind a rock, or under trees, where a melee beast may find it to be a task to attack or kill the sniper.

Much like it's beastly counter-part Lightning it is able to zoom and capable to reach a long distance. However unlike lightning, the Marksman's bow shoots straight from the human, to the beast. Lightning however, will fall directly from the sky above the target, and hit them on the head. Making it much harder for Lightning users to hit a moving target. However with the ability to use mana stone which is a item researched in the beast arcana, it will last longer then by default.

Most snipers will use the default key "Z" to zoom in or out with the bow. While in zoom it is almost impossible to view beasts that attack from the side, or behind. Making it easy for them to kill the sniper. The only other weapon that is capable of having a zoom on its weapon is the Coil Rifle. (Coil Requires a level 3 stronghold, Magnetic Factorium, Repeater, and 400 stone) Unlike the power of the Marksman's bow however, the coil rifle will only do 70 damage per shot. However it comes stock with 13 shots, and with a ammo pack applied, it is able to do 26 shots and capable of shooting almost instantly - not as quickly as its lower tier 2 weapon the Repeater - however for what it lacks in speed it makes up in direct damage.

The Marksman's bow is rarely researched due to lack of offensive tactic is may hold. It holds advantage on specific maps that are in favor of any long ranged weapon on either team. It is a effective weapon for defensive positions with limited users wielding it. Not many commanders will risk loosing a game for one weapon, which is why it is rarely seen.

Like most weapons, the Marksman's Bow can be eliminated after being researched by the commander selecting the 'demolish' option on the arsenal. This option is a fall back,and should not be done unless you already have all research. Commanders must consider you will no longer be able to create or rebuild any Factorium once a arsenal has been demolished.