Magnetic Factorium

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Image:human_building_magnetic.jpg General: Comes in 3 flavours. Magnetical, electrical and chemical. Need to have at least one of the three if you want to win a game. Costs 800 redstone each.

Enables: Depends on which one it. Mag enables magnetic weapons, items, shield tower upgrade and the shield buff. Elec enables electrical weapons, items, shock tower upgrade and the elec buff. Chem enables chemical weapons, items, mortar tower upgrade and the speed buff. Each factory adds 100 to the pool for that buff. Meaning that if you have 3 elec factories, the buff pool for elec can have at most 300 points. Each buff takes 75 points from their pool.

Researches: Nothing. But unlocks researches in other buildings.

when destroyed: When the last one is destroyed, all the [magnetic tech] is disabled.