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[edit] In General

Human items are all researched in the Research Center. Items of a certain type (Chemical, Magnetic, etc.) require the factory of that same type before they can be researched (i.e. - Mines cannot be researched until a Chem Factory is built). Only one item can be researched at a time per Research Center. Most commanders build one Research center. There is no need for two.

[edit] Basic Items

The first column. These items require a research center or become unavaible.

Med Pack

Health pack. You can carry 3 of these at most (takes 1 inventory space). Refills roughly 1/3rd of your unit's maximum HP. Takes a small interval of time to use, so be careful when using them in areas with enemies present.

Ammo Pack

Doubles the ammo you spawn with. Does not increase the max capacity of the ammo you can pick up. For example, u spawn with 500 elec ammo, 250 base ammo and 250 from the pack. You cant pick up ammo from kills untill you're below 250. You cant pick up more then 250 ammo on the field. If u spawn again (enter and spawn) You're back at 500.

[edit] Magnetic Items

These items are researched in the reseach center. They require a magnetic factory.


Important. Provides line of sight for the com and gives red dots on the map when enemies are near it. Enemies are also marked with a thin ray. How many you can carry depends on the version the server is running and the server settings. (That's for all things, but it's usually mostly noticable on the sensors). Normally, they dont stack, one of them takes one inventory space. In the old days, when they did stack, you could carry 5 at most (stacked in one inventory space). Sensor placement is vital for the survival of a human team. There is also a limit on how many sensors the team can deploy, namely 15. These can be used even as a distraction to draw enemy fire while your larger units close in.


Interesting. throw it at enemies to slow them down. When used well it's a lethal tool. You can carry at most 2 and they stack. It stops saccers in their tracks. It almost always results in an insta-kill of a beast if they are outnumbered or outgunned. It is difficult to use effectively, but often worth the risk if you are proficient with the weapon.

[edit] Electric Items

These items are researched in the research center. They require an electric factory.


Radius damage handgrenades. Temporairly disables enemy buildings (such as spires, they stop shooting for several seconds) and destroys fire wards. Very useful to get past enemy defenses. They bounce. You can also hold them in your hand till they explode, which allways kills you. You can carry up to three of these and they stack.


A teleport device. Place it somewhere and then use the detonator thingie to zap yourself to where you placed the disk. Very useful to survive nasty situations. Zapping home is cheaper then buying a new legionnaire every time. In other words, it can keep you alive and save you some money. Downside is ofcourse that if everyone zaps home everytime it gets dangerous, nobody left stops the enemy and your team is not pushing forward. That can result in defeat.

[edit] Chemical Items

These items are researched in the research center. They require a chemical factory. These are both radius damage, thus Storm Shield prevents damage from them. Example: a Storm-Shielded scavenger gets no damage from land mines.

Demolition Pack

A great tool in destroying enemy buildings. You place it on the ground, it gives smoke for a few seconds and then it explodes. It can kill a spire in one blow. Combine it with disruptors to kill enemy defense without getting harmed. Can also be used on the battlefield, if placed well. It damages you as well, but not your allies. Enemies can destroy it before it explodes by hitting it with melee. you can carry at most one of these.

Land Mines

A mine. Place it on the ground, it explodes when enemies come near it. NPC also make mines explode. Your team can deploy at most 25 mines at the same time, so place them well. They need a few seconds to arm themselves after being placed. They damage buildings too when they explode, including your buildings. Your teammates can receive damage from the explosions too on some servers, although you will always recieve damage when they explode next to you. Commanders can use delete on them, so that badly placed mines can be positioned in places where they will be most effective. Often used to guard workers, relocator patches and sensors.