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[edit] Cheet Sheet

If you you wish to see a simple list of codes, to help with editing and creating Wiki pages then Click Here

[edit] Adding a video

To add a video, you need the id code for the video. The easiest way to get this is to look at the URL of the video from YouTube or Google Video page. The string of numbers and letters after the "v=" in the URL is the id code. For example The id code is NvQScRuZj9s. For Google Video you need the docid. For example The doc id is : -2723280415645626938

Videos are embedded with the code:


The id for the video you want to show goes between the tags:

<youtube>id code</youtube> 

So for the video above, the code would be:


[edit] Adding a audio

<mp3>uploaded filename.mp3 or external URL</mp3>