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[edit] Will there be any physics?

For the ragdoll stuff I've been talking with AGEIA. We'll most likely be using AGEIA’s PhysX Technology, and it should even support the new ppu chips (not that that will be required or anything).

[edit] Will you be supporting mods?

We will allow total conversions of Savage 2 and the K2 engine is set up to very easily do this. However, we will not allow mini-modifications to the Savage 2 gameplay.

[edit] How will occluders work in S2?

We're using the same basic method for occluders, but the tools for placing them have been completely overhauled and are much easier to work with now.

[edit] Any chance we will be able to host our own servers for the beta?

We are looking into this as a possibility.

[edit] Any chance of 64 bit support on the dedicated servers or clients for that matter?

Yes, we've been keeping 64bit portability in mind. Advancements in the 64 bit arena will allow us within a short time span to more than likely offer full support for this platform

[edit] Will there be voice communication?

Voice communication will be offered as part of the in-game experience

[edit] Is your engine related to Project Offset's engine?

Our engine is our own, Project Offset is not related to us in anyway other than we're friends with the guys we used to work with.

[edit] Will there be a Mac port?

Unfortunately we have no plans at this time to develop a Mac version in house. We're taking it one step at a time. We'd certainly love the game to play on every computer, game console and toaster in existence, but we're all PC gamers so that is our first priority.

[edit] Will S2 run on Linux?

We will have a Linux client at the initial launch!

[edit] Will I need massive rig to play S2?

It currently runs well enough that we could capture that video real time on a high end machine with all the highest quality settings at a solid 60 fps, and we still have a fair amount of optimizing to do. The goal is to get it to run all the way down to a GeForce 2 or so level card. (Obviously it wouldn't be as pretty, there are just certain things you can't do with older hardware). Due to the nature of the renderer, rendering additional player models is actually not a big deal, poly count isn't where we are limited right now.

[edit] What engine does Savage 2 use?

The original Savage used the Silverback engine. S2 uses an engine called K2 which is built from the ground up.

[edit] Will there be a map editor?

Yes! The map editor is very robust and full of tools for players to make killer maps with a small learning curve. We look forward to having many map creating competitions.

[edit] How is the netcode in S2?

The netcode we ported from Silverback to our new K2 Engine is very good. You can be comfortable in knowing that Savage 2 is an online only game, therefore its our top priority to have great netcode. The netcode from Savage is actually rather robust, but it will of course be receiving some improvements. There is not a single part of the engine that isn't being improved, if not rewritten entirely. Still playing on a server with the lowest ping possible is important, however, no amount of coding can eliminate the actual delay of network communications, only hide it as much as possible.

[edit] Can you give us the system requirements yet?

Minimum: Processor - 1.0Ghz or faster RAM - 256Mb or higher Video Card - 64Mb Geforce or Radeon Windows Win98se, Win2k, XP Network Connection Required (56k and up)

Recommended: Processor - 2.0Ghz or faster RAM - 512Mb or higher Video Card - 256Mb Geforce 6800+ or Radeon 9800+ Windows Win98se, Win2k, XP Network Connection Required (Broadband)

[edit] How many people are working on Savage 2?

Maliken (Marc) - Lead Designer, Exec Producer (Savage 1) Jesse Hayes - Designer, Director, Artist (Savage 1) Jason Morales - Designer, Lead Programmer (Savage 1) Jason Gripp - Senior Programmer Bruce Glidewell - Concept / 2d Artist Carlos Machuca - 3d Artist