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Confg files (or configuration files) are vital files that have settings for computer programs, web programs, etc. These files are vital to the stability and operation of the program.

[edit] Modifying a Config File

Config files require extreme caution when modifying. Only skilled personell should edit config files.

NEVER DELETE CONFIG FILES!! unless you know what you are doing! It is flat out stupid! It is not a hard concept!

[edit] Risks

Any small, incorrect modification can render a program or service unoperable for minutes, hours,weeks, or even months! Even if it is a template for a website, a small error can ruin everything.

If you are working for a group of people (like a company), editing config files can mean bad things for you. This includes (but is not limited to) riddicule on the S2Games forums, riddicule by fellow staff or friends, and possibly being let go from your job or worse.

[edit] Wiki Config Files

Especially when using wiki software, the config files tend to be important. Wiki config files are very delacate. A small change can render a wiki website useless for a period of time. Editing a wiki config file is flat out a bad idea.