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Clan are groups of players who regularly play together, generally as a team. They share a single icon.


Savage 1 Clan List

Well Known US Clans

The well known clans are clans that are typically large in size and usually have good players. If someone is in a well known clan, then they usually are feared by many noobs.

affliction (-a-)

A clan consisting of pro fps'ers (predominantly quake), they dominated savage(post 2.00) with their ranged skills for quite some time. Also known as Team-affliction. Leaders: simple, sleepwalker.

Black Knights (BK)

A clan which stirred up a lot of controversy (ie: flame wars). Perceived bunny hopping as cheating and a bannable offence. Leader: Thunderbird.

Blood Tribe (BT)

A gigantic clan, they were one of the most dominant clans in savage(pre 2.00). They were notorious for their pride, which often reached obnoxious levels. ;P

Clan Wars (CW)

An early clan reknown for coming up with odd/innovative strategies in clan matches. They later merged with Ultimate Assasins.

Cruel (-C-)

Made up primarily of past members of CuRe. Leader: TripleH.


Leaders: Matax, cancer.

Demons (DM)

One of the best clans in the latter days of savage, they enjoyed farming noobs and owning people in clan matches. Leaders: Venture, WarDragon.

Invictus (i|)

A good competitive clan in the early days of savage, they lost their luster later on as they loosened their recruiting standards. Also known as Sum-Invictus. Leader: Daolin


One of the losing-ist clans in competitive savage history. Leader: Valkyrie.

Rabid Dogs of Hell (RDH)

Leader: Crazy.

Saints (St)

One of the most dominating clans in savage(pre 2.00) along with BT.

Training For Utopia (TFU)

A clan initially formed to take on the dominating clan affliction and to combat team stacking in pubs. Like DM, they were one of the best clans in the latter days of savage. Leaders: jonnycat, Zelek, Helios.

Tree Thugs (TT)

A clan that liked to pretend that all its members were of the female persuasion. Leader: Chief Corn


A clan that started out as a friendly group of demo server players, it later evolved into a competitive clan. Leader: Swilt

Twilight (T)

Leaders: unforgiven one, final impact.

Ultimate Assasins (UA)

A good competitive clan. Leader: Recursive

Vandalism (V)

Formed by a pair of drug dealers they were a clan of buffwhoring, smacktalking idiots. Leaders: Nirvana, Murderer, DarkStorm

Prepare to Respawn (P2R)

See P2R for more information. (Article now made more accurate)

Well Known EU Clans

This is a list of some of the well known clans in Europe.

Demonic Monsters (DeMo)

Evolved (EvO)

Phalanx (P)

Rampaging Gentlemen (RaGe)=

One of the best European Clans. A few months ago, after a massive surge of players leaving and an inactive leader, RaGe has been completely reformed with new players and new leaders.

Storm of Vengeance (SoV)

Hated Clans

Some clans are hated, especially since they are noobs, steal icons, or they were flat out annoying


Zetas was a clan with a single member, Zetas: The Quest (Who was Sir Trunks as an alias), which posted annoying spam about quests, etc.

DM Bodyguards

They were flat out noobs. They stole icons and got 12/53 K/D Ratios.

Savage 2

S2Games will release a clan management system, Savage 2 Clans

Savage 2 Clan System

The clan system will support Clan Web Pages, and RSS feeds