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Image:human_unit_medic.jpg Chaplain: Healer/support unit. Cost: 1500. 250 hp at level 1.

The Chaplain is a relatively small and weak unit that has the unique ability of being able to heal other units. The Chaplain becomes available once the commander has researched him at the Monestary (Available at Tier 2). Unlike the main human units, the Chaplain cant choose his equipment. This means that the Chaplain can never do ranged damage.

The Chaplain has a staff for a melee weapon and this is the only way for the Chaplain to attack. His attacks do low damage but he hits fast. Combined with blocking and selfhealing with healing potions, a highly skilled chaplain can be a very though adversary. Chaplain-specific items are automatically assigned to the Chaplain as soon each item has been researched by the commander. These items are as follows;

Note: If you're a Chaplain and the commander researches an ability you dont have yet, you have to enter load out and 'sell' your chaplain and 'buy' him again to have to new ability.

Healing Ray (default) - This item is automatically given to the Chaplain without needing to be researched. When used, a beam of light shoots out of the end of the Chaplain's staff healing the unit it strikes. Use it on wounded units, damaged siege units or damaged buildings to restore their health. (Note: This is the only method of quickly repairing siege units during battle, siege units do get the healing effect from officers too.)
Healing Potion (ranged healing AoE) - This item becomes availble when it is researched. When thrown, it breaks, creating a red 'fog'. Any ally that walks through the fog gets a regenerative effect. This effect stops after several seconds. It's the quickest way of passive health regenation.
Ressurect - Chaplain ability. Once this skill/item has been researched, ressurectable allies with be marked with a skull on the map and red cross above their body ingame. Simply walk up to their body and use the ressurect skill to revive the player with 50% hitpoints. During the ressurection animation the Chaplain and the one being ressurrected are immune to all attacks and damage. The ressurect is an area effect spell (with a very small radius). Theoreticly, if 20 people all die very closely to eachother, it might be possible to ressurect them all together, or the server might crash. The ingame record for most revives with one ressurect is about 5. Normally, three simultaneous ressurects is already alot.

You get gold for each ressurect and it can earn you pretty much gold fast if the situation is right and you use it correctly. Can be very handy on low gold maps.

Try to die near other fallen allies, that makes it easier to ressurect you. The less distance the chaplain has to travel to get to you, the higher the odds he picks you as next ressurect target. Humans unfortunatly often dont fully use ressurect. People often seem to prefer to relocate (before dieing) or go to loadout. If done well, it can greatly help, but ingame its usually beast that uses ressurect to the fullest.

Note: The red cross will appear above a players head until they release from their body. Once a player who has died releases to the loading screen, they can no longer be ressurected