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Note: All weapons can be blocked. All damage can be blocked. Some human weapons are hard to block cause they hit nearly instantly and fire very rapidly. Human weapons are all ranged and require ammo. Take an ammo pack with you to double the amount of ammo you spawn with. Pick up the crates that enemies drop to replenish your ammo. Note that you can't replenish the ammo that you got extra with the ammo pack. If you have an ammo pack, you cant pick up ammo till your ammo is below the amount it can be without the ammo pack.


[edit] In General

Human weapons are all researched in the arsenal. Most also require a factory before they can are available. Tier 1 weapons must be researched before tier 2 weapons can be researched etc.

Tier 1 is researchable when the arsenal (and relevant factory) is up. Costs 200 redstone. Tier 1 weapons are free. Crossbow is also avaible in tier 1 and costs 100 gold. Its research costs 300 Stone.

Tier 2 is researchable when the lair upgrade to level 2 is complete. Costs 300 redstone. Tier 2 weapons cost 250 gold. Except crossbow, which is on the second row but is already researchable at Stronghold level 1.

Tier 3 is researchable when the lair upgrade to level 3 is complete. Costs 400 redstone. Tier 3 weapons cost 500 gold.

If the factory required is destroyed, the commander can not research the weapons and if there was a research in progress that research will be cancelled. Example: if you lose your last magnetic factory, the magnetic weapons, items, tower upgrades and buffs become unavailable and the com cant research any magnetic items until he factory is rebuilt. If the last arsenal is destroyed the com can not research any weapon till the arsenal is rebuilt, but the magnetic, electric and chemical weapons rely on the factory.

[edit] Bows

The first column. These weapons are researched in the arsenal. They require an arsenal or become unavailable, except the hunting bow.

Hunting Bow:

Tier 1 weapon: Charge up weapon. Hold longer to shoot further. Comes with 18 ammo. Is always available.


Tier 1 weapon: The cross bow is one of the most useful weapons for humans in the early game. This is because it fires nearly instantly, doesn't arc as much as the hunting bow, and has a much longer range. It takes four bolts to kill a scavenger with it, regardless of level. 20 shots, or 40 shots if using an ammunition pack.

Marksman Bow:

Tier 2 weapon. A powerful bow equipped with a scope and with slow reload time. Rarely researched as it causes people to camp in defense, which is a recipe for loss. Comes with 5 ammo. Must stay still whilst aiming or the shot will go wide. Coil is usually a better bet than this, as you can move with it.useless to snipers

[edit] Magnetic Weapons

These weapons are researched in the arsenal. They require a magnetic factory. Magnetic weapons are unaffected by wind/shock towers.


Tier 1 weapon: Scatter weapon. Comparable to a shotgun. Does good damage in close range. Comes with 12 ammo.


Tier 2 weapon: Machine gun. Shoots lots of bullets rapidly. It quickly runs out of ammo. Good for giving supportive fire from a distance. Comes with 150 ammo. One of the best and most used weapons. 5 or more people with these in an area creates the 'Repeater Storm' effect. Anything in the middle except behe/cata/balli is pretty much dead.

Coil Rifle:

Tier 3 weapon: Precision weapon. Has a zoom. The shot gets more powerful after some distance, making it able to shoot through multiple enemies. Good for the occasional sniping. Excellent if your aim is perfect. Comes with 13 ammo. Best human long range weapon, especially good at taking out summoners, although summoners have slightly longer range.godnesst defeating a enemy siege units and more

[edit] Electric Weapons

These weapons are researched in the arsenal and require an electrical factory.


Tier 1 weapon. Charge up weapon. It does more damage when fully charged. Short range. It starts with 20 ammo. This is the best tier one human weapon if you have perfect aim, as it kills Scavengers in 2 fully charged shots.

Flux Gun

Tier 2 weapon. Ray weapon, short/medium range. Does good damage and slows down the enemy it hits. One of the better and most used weapons. If you flux an enemy from 3 sides he nearly cant move. Comes with 250 ammo.

Pulse Cannon

Tier 3 weapon. Radius damage weapon. Its shots fly pretty slowly so can be dodged/blocked easily. More use vs Humans, as beast storm shield protects against it. Most effective anti siege weapon, as it's faster than launcher and packs about as a big a punch.nothing can do to enemy SAVAGE EXTREME MOD you can by teleported with this weapon.

[edit] Chemical Weapons

These weapons are researched in the arsenal. They require a chemical factory.


Tier 1 weapon: Possibly the best free weapon there is. It's damage doesn't count as radius damage,(Storm Shield doesn't stop incinerator damage) but it does damage multiple targets at once. It is basicaly a cloud of fire that stays for a brief moment. You can shoot behind you with or make a circle of fire around you. Short range. Shoot it at where the enemy is going to leap to and dodge their attacks by sidestepping. You can kill predators with this (as nomad). Excellent for using in tight places such as around spawn flags. Can create small seas of fire.


Tier 2 weapon: Sort of grenade launcher. Radius damage. Bounces several times. Explodes on contact or after 2-3 bounces. Can bounce around corners. Good against buildings if no siege is available and done in large groups. Difficult to use effectively as it is necessary to lead the targets. With a little practice it is easy to master and suits those who have a compliment of melee skills. Mortars can be used to shoot over some low props - Losthills is a great map to try this on!


Tier 3 weapon: Basic rocket launcher. Again, very useful against buildings if siege isn't an option (and there's no wind spire/shock tower). Radius damage, so storm shield negates it.if in war rockets destroy tanks in SAVAGE his destroyng enemy siege units

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