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Note: All weapons can be blocked. All damage can be blocked. Some beast weapons are very hard to block cause they are instantaneous, such as rupture or lightning. Some are hard to block cause they do continuous damage such as blaze and surge. Beast ranged weapons require mana. Equip a mana crystal to automaticly replenish your mana over time. Pick up mana crystals to replenish your mana.


[edit] In General

Beast weapons can be researched by the commander if the building where they are researched from is built. This means the commander can research several weapons at the same time.

Tier 1 is researchable when the shrine is up. Costs 200 redstone. Tier 1 weapons are free.

Tier 2 is researchable when the lair upgrade to lvl 2 is complete. Costs 300 redstone. Tier 2 weapons cost 250 gold.

Tier 3 is researchable when the lair upgrade to lvl 3 is complete. Costs 400 redstone. Tier 3 weapons cost 500 gold.

If the building required is destroyed, the commander can not research the weapons and if there was a research in progess that research has to be restarted. Example: if you lose your last strata shrine, the strata weapons, items and buffs become unavaible and the commander for example can't continue researching tempest.

[edit] Melee Weapons

The first column. Not combinable with a ranged weapon, you can't have two weapons equipped. Requires a Nexus or becomes unavailible. These weapons are researched in the nexus. This column has the only meelee weapons there are. Nearly all units have a standard melee attack. These weapons add more effects to that standard melee attack.


Tier 1 weapon: The enemy gets a damage over time effect when hit. The poison works even if the attack is blocked. You can't poison one target twice, but you can poison several targets at the same time. You can't re-poison the same target until the poison effect has worn out. For best effect, try to poison several targets at the same time. Hit them and then retreat back to safety, and re-poison them when the effect has worn out.


Tier 2 weapon: Greatly improves your health regeneration. Restores your stamina when you hit an enemy. Excellent melee weapon. Use the stamina to leap around. Avoid being hit and keep hitting enemies to replenish your stamina. If done well you can survive pretty long like that.


Tier 2 weapon: Commonly abbreviated as "carn," this weapon restores 45% of the damage done when you hit a target to you as health. It is very powerful if the enemy doesn't block, however, if the enemy does block, you'll need to leap around them constantly; this is problematic because leaping requires large amounts of stamina, and a lack of stamina tends to lead to death. Good stamina management is essential to a good carn user, and it can be combined with the frenzy item to temporarily fix the stamina problem. With carn you can win a melee fight against anything with ease if they don't block, except for high damage dealers such as behemoths, ballistae or other beasts with carn or rabid.

[edit] Entropy Weapons

The second column. Requires an entropy shrine or becomes unavailable. These weapons are researched in the in the entropy shrine.

Chaos bolt

Tier 1 weapon: Almost never used; a bugged weapon. It was supposed to be able to damage nearby enemies, even after a miss, but it effectively fires a very slow bolt of green goop that deals roughly 100HP of damage to a target. It is best used when close up and even then is not very useful. If the enemy attacks you with this, they are either inexperienced or they don't take you seriously. Chaos bolt rushes are similar to Shaman rushes, the enemy is convinced they'll win no matter what. If you lose to a chaos bolt rush, then your team has just been seriously owned.


Tier 2 weapon: Ray weapon. Can be used to assist melee teammates, because it makes blocking difficult. Very long range and deals a fair amount of damage, though it has a high mana consumption.


Tier 3 weapon: Radius damage weapon. It does damage to everyone in a small area; it's good at killing nomads or chaplains. Works well to kill the enemy support units, the nomads that stay back and repeater at your teammates from a distance for example. It isn't so good at killing legionnaires, but it can weaken them.

[edit] Strata Weapons

The third column. Requires a strata shrine or becomes unavailable. These weapons are researched in the Strata shrine.

Frost bolts

Tier 1 weapon: Scatters, comparable to a shotgun. Does much damage when close to the enemy if it's a full hit. Does pretty good damage against towers too, if they are unshielded.


Tier 2 weapon: Can be a bit difficult to hit stuff with; any enemy that is smart and that knows you are aiming at them doesn't stand still, although it is still good for shooting people. Excellent for killing ballistae from a distance. It is the best weapon to rush for in the beginning of the game, because it kills nomads in 2 shots.


Tier 3 weapon: Sniping weapon. Not always researched because most people don't like the weapon and if too many people on a team are sniping, the team tends to lose ground. The lightning gets researched a lot more then the marksman's bow because beast has gates, is cheaper and as the humans cannot leap, they are easier to hit. They don't have to push the enemy back in order to get the enemy base. They can spawn in the enemy base if the gate is successful and well placed. It's also pretty easy to hide somewhere with lighting, cause there are no traces that point back to you when you fire, although it may restrict your vision of the enemy. It goes pretty well together with meleeing teammates. The marksman's bow is considered less effective than lighting for this use.

[edit] Fire Weapons

The fourth column. Requires a fire shrine or becomes unavailable. These weapons are researched in the fire shrine.


Tier 1 weapon: Good weapon. Short range. One of the best weapons early in the game. Does good damage against buildings and siege units too.


Tier 2 weapon: Basically sprays embers. Short range, high damage, slow projectiles, relatively low mana usage. Does great damage against siege units. Can be a bit hard to hit enemies with, so combining it with snare can be a good tactic. Note that using snare + blaze all the time can make you unpopular because it's fairly annoying, but beware if they block your blaze, your attack will be fairly unsuccesful. Nomads stand no chance against a well done snare+blaze, but legos can survive it (block + medkits). They can also relocate if you aren't careful, and they may also dodge the snare. Best weapon against seige.


Tier 3 weapon: Charges up. Radius damage weapon. If you hold the mouse button for the max amount of time, it does great damage and has great range. If you click fast it's comparable to blaze. Can be used to kill shield towers from a distance if summoners are unavailable or don't live long enough to kill the shield tower. Also good as a distance block-breaker if you have many units using melee weapons. Some commanders do not research this, as it's fairly difficult to use.

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