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A bounce is the act of one jump in the air, right before hitting the ground again. (Simply hold down the jump key while in mid air). If done well, the jump in midair makes you 'bounce' further with little or no loss of speed. This requires two things: you're in the air + you got velocity. There are several units who can bounce and there are several ways to initiate bouncing.

Humans need to jump downhill or slide down a slope and jump to initiate bouncing. Once you have built up some speed on a slope, you can continue over flat terrain for a while. It can be faster then running. However, sometimes it can be better to sprint,(uphill, on flat, level ground) so it is important to find a medium. It can mean the difference between life and death or win and defeat. (Example, when trying to get to a gate as fast as you can to kill it before it's up. If you're too slow it can result in having lots of behe's going wild on your buildings. You dont want that.)

Beast can combine the jump in midair with leap. Leap first to gain velocity and to get airborne and then jump once before hitting the ground to bounce. That makes you 'bounce' further if done correctly. It greatly increases the distance that is quickly crossed/overcome/closed and if you do it correctly it uses less stamina then two leaps. You can leap and bounce in all four directions. Back, front, left and right. Stamina is very important for beast melee, use it wisely.

Summoners are the only siege units who can use bounce, but it only works on steep slopes. It can get you to safety alot faster then just walking down the slope.

Bouncing can be practised on the duel servers or ingame. For example, instead of just killing NPC by eating away at them with carn, you can also use rabid and practise your melee. Killing five monkits in three swings can be an interesting challenge.