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What are these? Someone sort this section out!

Don't quote me, but I believe that you get a "scratch card" linked to your account after pre-ordering. All I know is that upon scratching, you get a set number of days until it expires that I think is usable to refer people about the game (less charge or free maybe?). Please, somebody who has pre-ordered needs to sort this out.

When you pre-order and you recieve an account, you may register onto the Savage2 website. Upon doing this, a scratchcard appears for you. If you use the scratchcard, you get a new persistent item that can be used in the game. You can earn scratchcards through the "Refer-a-Friend" system, so if a friend refers you when they create their account, you recieve another scratchcard.

[edit] Available Bonus Items

Add Screenshots of your Bonus Items here. <-- Fenrir's

loopmode's scratch-off item's: (I received 2 for referrals, the third one mysteriously appeared in my account at some point)