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[edit] In General

Beast items are all researched in the arcana. Most also require a shrine before they can be researched and to be avaible after the research is complete. Meaning beast commanders can not research more items at the same time then there are Arcanas. This is different for weapons, which are spread over several buildings for beasts.

[edit] Basic Items

The first column. These items require an arcana or become unavaible.

Mana Crystal

Slowly replenishes your mana, the ammo of the beast. This gives the weapon effectively unlimited ammo, but dont expect it to regenrate quickly. You may still pick up mini-mana crystals from fallen humans and NPCs. Also, a mini-mana crystal picked up from smaller NPCs like chiprels replenish the same amount of mana conpared to one from a larger unit.


Quickly replenishes your stamina for a few seconds. Use it to flee from the battle, get somewhere fast, combine it with sacrifice for a deadly assault. It is most commonly used in melee, but make sure that you have a lot of stamina when the effect runs out.

[edit] Entropy Items

These items are researched in the arcana. They require an entropy shrine.

Sixth Sense

Marks nearby enemies with a ray of light. Not really necessary in open areas, but great in dense foliage or around difficult terrain. You will rarely be ambushed from cover. It doesnt make enemies show up on the map. It is also worthy to note that your allies cant see the rays of light you see.


Interesting. throw it at enemies to slow them down. When used well it's a lethal tool. You can carry at most 3 and they stack. Certain ppl like to combine it with blaze. Very similar to immobiliser.

[edit] Strata Items

These items are researched in the arcana. They require a strata shrine.

Storm Shield

You recieve no damage from radius effects for a brief period of time. This doesnt make you survive your own sacrifice. It prevents damage from Pulse Cannons, Mortars, Launchers, Catapults, Land Mines, Demolition Packs, Ember, Blaze, Fireball, Sacrifice and Fire Wards

Mist Shroud

Makes you harder to see for several seconds. The usefulness depends on the map (background colour), the intelligence and experience of the enemy team and whether there are sensors deployed nearby or not. If the enemy commander or officers mark you, there is big red ray of light marking you so the mist effect is lowered alot. Your opponent cannot see what "melee strike" you are on; this helps slightly. Allows units to destroy towers easily that are not near a sensor.

[edit] Fire Items

These items are researched in the arcana. They require a fire shrine. These are both radius damage, thus Storm Shield prevents damage from them. For example: a Storm-Shielded scavenger recieves no damage from fire wards. In general, you dont have to worry about beast tech being radius damage or not, but on 4 team games it can be important.


A great tool in destroying enemy towers and buildings. Activate it and after exactly 10 seconds you explode. The idea behind is that try to be near enemies or enemy buildings at the moment of the explosion to damage them. The tricky part is getting where you want to blow yourself up alive and stay alive long enough to blow yourself up. If you master this, you can blow up nearly anything. Most buildings are not destroyed by one sacrifice, but when done in group it can quickly level a base.

Fire Wards

A magical ward. Place it on the ground, it explodes when enemies come near it. NPC also make fire wards explode. Your team can deploy at most 25 ward at the same time, so place them well. They need a few seconds to arm themselves after being placed. They damage buildings too when they explode, including your buildings. Your teammates can receive damage from the explosions too on some servers. Very similar to land mines in function, however disrupters can remove them. Human units can block the wards, reducing their effectiveness.