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[edit] Lair

Image:beast_building_lair.jpg General: The main building for the Beast side. Protect it or the game is lost. You can see its hp in the top-right corner. It is a spawn point. It also serves as a drop off point for resources. If it is under attack you get warning signals.

Enables:The production of workers (50 redstone each), Spires (250 redstone 1500 gold), Sub Lairs (1000 redstone 1000 gold) and nexuses (500 redstone).

Researches:It has the very important Lair upgrades, which are needed to have access to the next tier. Lair level 2 upgrade (for Tier 2, 750 redstone) and Lair level 3 upgrade (for Tier 3, 1500 redstone). It allows researching of the Tier 2 main unit (Stalker, 600 redstone) and the the Tier 3 main unit (Predator, 1200 redstone) when they're upgraded to their respective Tiers

When destroyed: Your team loses.

[edit] Sub lair

Image:beast_building_sublair.jpg General: You can spawn here. Is also a drop off point for resources. Important building for advancing and securing more resources. Gives warning signals when under attack. Costs 1000 redstone and 1000 gold. Most commanders do not spend their last 1000 redstone so they still build a sub lair. For example when someone sneaks past the enemy outer defenses, you can make a sub and siege their base from it. Or when the team has conquered a redstone mine, their commander builds a Sub Lair next to it and then the team can then "powermine" so the team has more redstone for researching and building things. Most good commanders like to take all the redstone on the map so that in case of a turn of the battle, in the case the enemy suddenly reclaims some terrain, the enemy still cant rebuild anything cause there simply is no redstone anymore. If your team has all the redstone then they will sooner or later run outt of it. Redstone is vital to success.

Enables: Spawning.

Researches: Worker. (50 redstone)

when destroyed: You cant spawn there anymore.

[edit] Nexus

Image:beast_building_nexus.jpg General:Melee weapon research. Key technology. Costs 500 redstone.

Enables: Lets the commander build the shrines. Required for the upgrade to Lair level 2 research at lair.

Researches: All melee weapons.

when destroyed: Melee weapons become unavailable. The commander cant build anything besides what he can build at start.

[edit] Arcana

Image:beast_building_arcana.jpg General:Costs 500 redstone.Allows item research. Important building.

Enables: Research of Mana Crystal and Frenzy. Arcana is required for Lair level 3 research at lair.

Researches: All items (If the required shrines are built).

when destroyed: Mana Crystal and Frenzy become unavailable.

[edit] Entropy Shrine

Image:beast_building_entropy.jpg General: Costs 800 redstone each.

Enables: Entropy enables entropic weapons, items, Healing Spire upgrade and the very powerful gate which requires a full pool of 300. Entropy is the only kind of pool that comes with 300/shrine.

Researches: The Entropy weapons.

when destroyed: Players may not take Entropy weapons, items, and the Commander cannot use the Gate or create Healing Spires.

[edit] Strata Shrine

Image:beast_building_strata.jpg General: Costs 800 redstone each.

Enables: Strata enables Strata weapons, items, Wind Spire upgrade and the replenish buff, which requires 50 strata pool.

Researches: The Strata weapons.

when destroyed: Players cannot take Strata weapons, items, and the Commander cannot use the Replenish buff or make more Wind Spires.

[edit] Fire Shrine

Image:beast_building_fire.jpg General: Comes in 3 flavours. Entropy, strata and fire. Need to have at least one of the three if you want to win a game. Costs 800 redstone each. The charm shrine is different.

Enables: Depends on which one it. Entropy enables entropic weapons, items, healing spire upgrade and the very powerful gate which requires a full pool of 300. Entropy is the only kind of pool that comes with 300/shrine. Strata enables strata weapons, items, wind spire upgrade and the replenish buff, which requires 50 strata pool. Fire enables fire weapons, items, flame spire upgrade and the fire buff. The fire buff requires 75 fire pool.

Researches: The weapons of that kind.

when destroyed: The whole column falls away. And the buff and and the spire upgrade of that kind;

[edit] Charm shrine

Image:beast_building_charm.jpg General: Required for siege units. Important building. The siege is crucial in destroying the enemy base quickly.

Enables: Is required for the lair lvl 3 research.

Researches: Summoner (500 redstone) and Behemoth (800 redstone).

when destroyed: Siege units become unavaible.

[edit] Sanctuary

Image:beast_building_sanctuary.jpg General: Healers. Usually only build if there is plenty redstone. Is not required for team victory. Can make it harder to win, if too many ppl spawn as shaman. If used well, it helps.

Enables: Shaman tech. Which is researched here too.

Researches: The shaman. The shaman abilities such as shield ray and ressurect.

when destroyed: Shamans become unavaible.

[edit] Spire

Image:beast_building_spire.jpg General: Provides defense. Costs 250 redstone and 1500 gold. Shoots small magic bolts at enemies.

Enables: Nothing.

Researches: A spire can be upgraded to a healing spire, fire spire or wind spire for 250 redstone and 3000 gold.

when destroyed: Nothing is disabled, but if base defenses are gone, the base usually quickly follows. Keep the healing spires alive. Note that spires are destroyed easily by enemy siege units such as ballista's, so coms generally dont place much of them.

[edit] Gateway

Image:portal.jpg General: The Beast Commander can open two portals through which his team can travel. The portals remain open until destroyed. This power requires 300 entropy energy from the Entropy Shrine power pool.

Enables: Players go through it to reach the other gate (You can see it as 2-way portal).

When destroyed: It can't be used anymore.