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Image:human_unit_ballista.jpg Ballista:

(Tier 2) Cost: 4000. 330 hp at level 1. The Ballista is a large crossbow that shoots giant arrows. The Ballista has a limited amount of ammo and can not restore its ammo on the field. They spawn with 15 ammo. They die very easily from ranged attacks. Some idiots will walk towards you in a straight line, the easiest target ever, and will accuse you of siegewhoring if you kill them. If u dont kill them, they will kill you, so stick an arrow up their ass if you can and ignore the whining. Keep an eye on your ammo. You have to fully bring down a building to have any effect. If you got only 2 arrows left, dont waste them on enemies that are still hundred metres away. Focus on killing enemy buildings. Shoot at enemies only to keep yourself alive long enough to get to the buildings and to buy time so you can kill the building you are shooting at. Has a larger range then the catapult. It takes two shots to take down a unshielded Guard Tower and two hits to take down a normal spire regardless of a healing spire(as long as you don't wait for it to heal). The ballista has the fastest firing rate of all siege units.