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Author Topic: For Notausgang - Da maplist  (Read 2967 times)
Neighbourhood Rangewhore
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Oh Dear...

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« on: October 07, 2006, 03:21:50 pm »

Firstly, please do not post in this thread unless you are Notausgang - this thread is used to track the improvements to the maps on the Evolved EU server as per his request. I will be editing this post with my progress as I continue to check the 494 maps on the server for problems.

For ease of reading, when I've finished I shall compile this list into a .txt file.

R     Redundant (newer version on the server).
H     Map needs repair.
G     Map was fine.
D     Duel map.
X     Map I didnt have - please send these.
?     The marking is questionable.


Maps that need a fix I have given an H - I might fix these at a later date. Also:

HF: Repair on farclip.
HG: Repair on fog.
HO: Repair on occluders.
M: Minor problem, probably not worth bothering about.

Some G maps may have bugs that I couldnt find. I also didnt check for the presence of a minimap - you might want to do that one by checking all of the files for the maps on the evolved server - unless there is a way I can do so Smiley.

I wasnt sure if you wanted duel maps on the server, so I marked them with a D.

Some maps may or may not be completely redundant (the edens, for example are not). I have marked these with an R. You might want to check the R list for some maps you want kept on the server due to the differences between them.

Have fun reading this Cheesy.

89/494 Maps Checked. 47/89 Maps Not-owned. Last Update, 09/10/2006 19:15 GMT

X   ^090anti^900low^009fps
G   ^bhexagon3
X   ^md00mlovesmen
X   012
G   2castles
X   2castles_mod2
XR? 2fort
G   2forts
G   2nd-reality
HO  2towers
XR? 3_addisabeba
XR? 3_addisabeba05
XR? 3_addisabeba06
X   3_addisabeba08
XR? 3_darkpaths_b
HF  3_darkpaths_c
XR? 3_darkpaths_test
XR? 3_junctionB
X   3_junctionc
XR? 3_kingdoms
HO  3_kingdoms2
XR? 3_mayhem2
X   3_mayhem3
G   3_snowdeath
G   3_tiny
XR? 3_torque
XR? 3_torque_sep
X   3_torque2_sep
HFM 3castles_sep
X   3mileisland2
HFOM 3snowpits
X   5r
GR? 8
XR? 8v2
G   8v2fix
X   abreast
R   aftermath2
G   aftermath2_sep
G   alcazar
XR? alice
XR? alice3
G (Map makes me ill) alice4
GR? alpenglow
G   alpenglow_b
G   alpinevalley
X   alps
XR? ambushgrounds
G   ambushgrounds_sep
G   ancient_sep
X   ancientfort
HFGO arena6
HOM arenac
HFGO armageddon2
HO  arse
X   attack_beta
X   aurorahills
XR? avalanche
XR? avalanche_sep
XR? avalanche2_sep
XR? avalanche3_sep
X   avalanche4_sep
HFO avenue_sep
X   axeon
X   basin_sep
G   battlefront
XR? baum
HF  baumage
HO  bigbridge_b
HFG bliss
X   blizzard2
HO  blood
G? (Way too many props Undecided) bob
G   borderwar
HO  bottleneck3
G   bowl3
X   brutalwinter_d
G   bull
G   bunker
G   bunker2_beta
X   canyon
HO  carnage2
HFO castle_king
X   centrifuge_sep
X   cerilianfinal
X   cerilianR
XR? chevalier1v3
X   chevalier1v4
XR? chilled_lands5
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Map Admin
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« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2006, 10:04:13 am »

you somehow love work, don't you Rolleyes Huh

btw, i already made sure that there are no maps without working minimaps on the server Wink

well, actually i probably won't be able to send you all those maps you dont have; just download them yourself: www.evolvedserver.com/maps/[mapname].s2z and www.evolvedserver.com/maps/[mapname]_overhead.jpg
Neighbourhood Rangewhore
Super Hero Member
Posts: 1019

Oh Dear...

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« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2006, 07:06:55 pm »

Heheh, thanks for that. I'm gonna be very busy this week but I'll see if I can get some maps done. Afro

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