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Author Topic: Mini Guide: Maliken [Igneo]  (Read 46312 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 19, 2010, 10:38:06 pm »

not as good as me, because that will never happen (im so amazing)

good jouk

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« Reply #16 on: June 05, 2011, 04:10:37 pm »

just some suggestion, there are two kinds build for maliken
Tanker or Killer (depends of situation) if you go tanker then go for Helm of Black Legion
if you go killer then go for Whispering Helm

jungling makes the build more faster, except there are already have someone on your team
have to jungle (ie. Warbeast, Wildsoul etc)
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« Reply #17 on: January 31, 2012, 08:42:13 pm »

Hey guys all you guy's said is true, Its just that its a case to case basis wether you're playing a PUB or a Private game.
But let me inform some of my opinions for Maliken <---correct?

Trivia:1. Basically you dont play maliken as if its your on your own coz maliken is a hard to farm hero coz he lacks mana I personally experience that the needs of the sword throw thingy. If you got a lane like hagged or pyro or a good range nuker you're doom..you cant farm at all...And also you cant just lure at the jungle farm, you cant, coz you'll get caught or be troubled coz your enemies got wards on it or you'll get bothered by the roaming opponents as well. you need team mates to play Maliken. Normally you play Maliken in a Tri lane lower (Legion) tri top (HellB) you get 2 guys babysit you to farm and try to bully the guys on your lane. your work here is to get money kill if you got opportunity and get good items as it gets.

2.Maliken is not a Badass tank.(if you want to tank use Legionnaire LOL).not bcoz he' s on the STR type automatically its a tank. Maliken is a heavy hitter Hero just like MB believe me or not. You dont play boss dive in get stunned lure them all and get killed. LOL ..When your in clash and you get stunned by your opponent and you just catched all the skills and got hit boom ur doomed everybody knows it. But then again its a case to case basis depends on your support Team mates as well.

3.When your in clash try to see the situation avoid stuns or skills hit hard see who's opponent that is easy to kill get hero kills. But then again it depends so i say it again try to see the situation. If Maliken got a good position like he was on a free fire mode not getting hit or anything its bad ass.. well if you cant avoid skills(w/c is very rare) for you to be able to get this kind of situation a SH or SHRUNKEN HEAD is a MUST...

4.Maybe your confuse w/c one to use the red sword or the green one. Well Generally Red is GOOD I crossout the green WHY? bcoz when you get a Whispering Helm with the 15% lifesteal its far way better than the green sword if you got good damage w/c maliken Had from the start. Maybe you would say regenerating life is better (wrong) REMEMBER your maliken you dont tank you PAWN. The more damage you get the more frightening you are. Some might say this."green sword is good bcoz of its survival percentage" when you get Shrunken Head its the best survival item MALIKEN can have.
but if you like the green one go ahead use it. this is just my opinion guys dont flame hehehe..

A good team makes a good Maliken about the items i wont tell you coz you know what Maliken Needs you all are not noobs. well see you again GG GL HF...............ELECTRIC WE ARE ELECTRIC Smiley

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